Show Block Bullet Brushes/others In game?

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    The r_drawclipbrushes command doesn't appear to show block bullet brushes. Is there a command to show them? Also, is there a command to show triggers, and other similar "invisible" brushes?
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    You can use the showtriggers command to show trigger brushes in game. For block bullets a quick search on the wiki provided tf_show_blocked_areas which may be something completely unreleated, ill check when I get home later or if anyone else can confirm/correct me
    Hope it helps :)
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    If you DON'T use ABP's replacement Block Bullets VMT, which treats the brush as a detail type and prevents it from cutting visleaves, you can use mat_leafvis 3 to see the portals that the solid has cut. I can't find any console command that outlines Block Bullets or any other invisible tool brush like Invisible and nodraw. They are treated like solid world brushes so the above command will work to show you the visleaves cut by them, as well.

    The simplest way to find a block bullets brush is to look for invisible walls you can't get past, put a sticky bomb on them and noclip into the space behind them, then see if you take damage from the sticky. If it's Invisible or a func_detail you will, but if it's Block Bullets you definitely won't (great for Deathrun maps).
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    Any good deathrun server should have explosives disabled anyway. :rolleyes:
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