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    A friend is making an achievement map that I've suggested. He's having a problem getting the winlimit working right so it does not reset the map.

    In the map he's making, it has a control point, intel for both teams, and a cart to get cart achieves.

    What happens during testing is, if the intel gets capped 3 times the round ends. He's tried to set mp_winlimit 0 and mp_winlimit 9999, also tried mp_maxrounds 0 and mp_maxrounds 9999 to see if this fixes the problem. It has not. Does anyone has a solution for him?

    I also have winlimit and maxrounds set to 0 on my server, the map seems to over ride it somehow.

    It's pretty annoying to the other people when the round resets every 30 sec because someone is working on intel achievements.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, you guys are the best!
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    tf_flag_caps_per_round is the setting, however the easier thing is for him to change the flag entity's game mode setting to something other than CTF, this should still count for capture achievements but will not count towards a CTF victory.
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    Yea, the best thing to do would be to set it to CP game mode and just have a CP that never gets unlocked so that way it can never end.