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    To make stuff easier for all of us, Let's make a comprehensive list of stuff that people can't figure out and need help with. Think of this as a collaborative post, except that I will personally act as the only editor, post helpful stuff and I'll move it into the OP one way or another so it doesn't matter if it's on page 1 or page 54.

    =================== Getting Started with Portal 2 mapping ===================
    Initial setup:[thread]16903[/thread] All Questions about Portal 2 SDK Setup goes in that thread.
    Then there are different ways to get it working, I suggest creating a new game configuration in the SDK, it's a very clean and efficient method.

    Starter Kit: A zip file containing decompiled maps, the fgd, instructions, examples and prefabs with due credits. you need to map for Portal

    Gel/Paint is crashing my map:
    1) open up map > map properties in hammer
    2) deselect the SmartEdit button
    3) add 2 new keyvalues, paintinmap with value 1 and maxblobcount with value 250 (though you can change this)

    =================== Resources and Tools ===================
    Decompiled Valve maps: 105 maps, multiplayer and singleplayer vmf files Maps.7z credit to Lord Ned (a.k.a. Matt)
    Prefabs: Prefab pack

    =================== Hammer Issues ===================
    Missing Clients Flag: How to re-add the Clients flag to Alien Swarm SDK

    =================== Tips and Tricks ===================
    My map is leaking for no apparent reason! Try selecting everything in your vmf, go to the 'Tools' menu and hit 'Center Origins'.
    My map is still leaking for no apparent reason?! Go to Expert compile options, remove the -alldetail compile parameter in $vbsp_exe. You always have to compile in Expert mode.
    How to use Indicator lights: Complete guide in 5 easy steps
    Visualize trigger_catapult launch trajectory: "ent_bbox trigger_catapult" in console

    =================== Links ===================
    Complete List of Portal 2 entities
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