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    PASS Time is a somewhat complicated gamemode that heavily relies on it's players knowing what the fuck is going on and how to play it. Unfortunately, it doesn't really do much to try to teach you this info outside of a small wall of text at the beginning of a round that vanishes after 5 seconds or so.

    I feel like we could do better. I would love if someone could put together a "Map Intro Tutorial" video for PASS Time similar to the older ones, e.g:

    The audio for the video could be directly ripped from this one, meaning the person/people that feel like going at this would only need to focus on the visuals/actually recording the damn thing in SFM.

    The video would be a simple, short tutorial on PASS Time:

    - JACK is a ball. You can throw it and PASS it to people.
    - Move in a team if you have it. If you are alone, you take mini crits.
    - This is a RUN-IN GOAL - Run into it with the ball to score.
    - This is a THROW-IN GOAL - Throw into it to score.
    - Bonus goal fills if you pass the ball around. Grants more points.
    - Video End

    Such a video at map start would massively improve the average quality of a PASS Time match as it would very likely make many more players aware of what the fuck to do in the game mode, and as such would benefit literally every single PASS Time map made from then on that decides to include the video in their map startup.

    At least I would definitely include it in the current PASS Time map I am working on!
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    I went ahead and did it myself with the help of some friends (Vermuth and 9joao6).

    There is a tutorial on TF2maps on how to use an mp4 and turn it into a .bik! I will include a more in-depth explanation and a direct download to the bik once I get to making the big PASS Time+ compilation pack.

    EDIT: Nevermind you cant pack movies into bsps, fucking RIP
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