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  1. Lord Smile

    Competitive Pyro Montage

    View: clips from scrims/official matches recorded and edited during the 72 hour period
  2. kinda cringe.

    Yet another TF2 video. ( It's in Russian tho )

    The video itself could be found here. Basically, it covers an unusual topic of cheating in MvM and whether it's acceptable or not. The plot twist is that the community itself is actually gives an opinion regarding the topic in the comments below instead of me.
  3. Fluury

    How do I have to pack the map's .bik file so it actually plays the map's intro movie?

    Heya! Got a problem. I made a .bik intro movie for a map I am working on, and would like to pack it with the map so players playing the map for the first time will be presented with the map intro movie. I am mostly following this tutorial...
  4. Fluury

    PASS Time "Map Intro Tutorial" Video!

    Heya! PASS Time is a somewhat complicated gamemode that heavily relies on it's players knowing what the fuck is going on and how to play it. Unfortunately, it doesn't really do much to try to teach you this info outside of a small wall of text at the beginning of a round that vanishes after 5...
  5. PrivateerMan

    Map Intro Video Troubleshooting

    I want to work on making introduction videos for custom maps (the Watch Movie button when viewing the map's objectives when you connect to it), but I noticed the file format for said introduction videos is Bink Video, or .bik. However, while RAD Game Tools has a download for their Bink...
  6. Hamsy!

    Werstname struggles with the existential hatred for his own creation.

    I couldnt upload the video onto this site so ive posted a youtube link to it here. Thanks. View:
  7. amerikan_rock

    cracked collaz

    a frag edit by jazzisdead/monzuul editors:
  8. cyanic

    Environments 2 Talent Recruitment

    Hello! We have began the initial stages of work on Environments 2, another TF2 edit that will feature custom maps. Due to the increased scope of this second project, it will require the work of multiple talented people to deliver. We already have some incredible people interested, and if you...
  9. r0nii

    how to add lyrics under video? (solved)

    valve made for their own videos for their maps and their also have lyrics when you watch them in game. i made my own video for my map: View: but i don't know how to make lyrics for it. anyone knows? or knows a tutorial for that?
  10. r0nii

    How can i add video to the map?

    i made a Primaprima instruction film for my map and i want add them to my map (being able to watch this video after joining the map) View: old tf2 maps got those videos: 2fort ctf_ and cp_well pl_goldrush cp_badlands etc... do anyone know how to do...
  11. yopyop4

    Babie Steps

    View: Video contains mostly me playing Engineer and doing dumb things, or me looking at an Engineer doing dumb things. It also features friends I'm often in a Discord call with. I'm not sure why, but completely stock "bald" Engineer is one of my favorite things in...
  12. FUTURE10S

    TF2: Condensed Summer 2019 Cosmetics (YT video)

    Honest to god, I made this video over the last two days. The entire premise is an experiment to try and speed up videos, because lots of TF2 channels have... honestly, I can best describe it as fluff. Just meaningless words that are there to pad out time. You know who I'm talking about. So, this...
  13. Delfy

    Double Penetration

    Hi :D
  14. Midlou

    [Video] Source Engine Mapping in a nutshell...

    I don't know...
  15. AI_

    360 VR video showcasing

    Hi there, I am the current owner and dev for Jump Academy and am currently working on a project that streamlines map showcasing in 360 VR. The motivation was to use this to showcase jump maps and individual jumps for informative purposes. However, I figured this may be useful for the Source...
  16. BigBthefluffyredneck

    A Silly Video I Made About The Oppression Of Gamers Current Version 7-28-2018

    I feel the video describes what I can say about my message more than what I can do in this little description tag. I made a silly Youtube Video to help get awareness for Gamer Charities, like Childs Play.
  17. Aegeus Dusk

    Team Fortress 2 Funny Moments Compilation 2018-07-27

    I haven't done another funny moments compilation in a while so things might seem kind of different, although I did use Sony Vegas 15 this time to make it and I had fun editing it. I also uploaded this to my YouTube channel if you want to view it there as well, enjoy because I know I did :D
  18. onra77

    dev log videos of my map for the connect 5 challenge

    Hi everyone, I'm making a video series about the development of my map for this challenge. Please forgive my english, I am french as you can hear in the video, but I will continue to provide subtitles for them. I am kind of new to mapmaking, but I have practiced on unpublished maps. Hope you...
  19. OctoBlitz

    Unexpected spooky scenes in TV and film.

    Ok, so allow me to explain this thread. Since October and Halloween is just around the corner, I was talking to some friends about scenes from movies and TV that freaked us out as kids. The point of this post is to share some scary scenes from an otherwise non horror setting. It can be from a...
  20. hutty

    Hutty's Amazing map show Ep1

    So I started a mapping series on youtube. Was looking for a way to keep motivated for the next month and I felt sharing what I was working on might be the best way to go about it. Quality should improve in subsequent episodes . . . should