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    models\weapons\w_models\w_nailgun.mdl - untextured
    models\weapons\w_models\w_nail.mdl - textured

    These two models suggest the presence of a nailgun intests of TF2. Having just discovered these I'm quite excited about the idea of this being re-introduced as one of those unlockable weapons.
    I never played the original TF, was there a nailgun in that? Something tells me its a demoman thing.

    Edit: just looked further and theres a lead pipe, a beartrap :O, branding Iron, dynamite and millions of grenades - Emp, healing, nail, gas..!
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    Scout, sniper and spy had the nailgun. Medic had the super nailgun. Those models have been there for awhile... leftovers from before they overhauled their gameplay model. Always possible that it could come back though. I want the pyro's incendiary rockets back though :( (slower and less powerful than soldier's, but will ignite people)
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    Yeah, I noticed a lot of those when I was perusing the models list the other day. There's even a pop-up turret somewhere in there that's fully animated and textured. Looks like it's an abandoned idea, possibly replaced by the engineer sentries.
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    Yes the turret was already on the forums, we concluded that it was a remain from a very early version of team fortress, when it was gonna be realistic :)
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    no the turrets are from TFC
    ala the REAL Well
    because the spawns were so close to the door there were sentry guns in each spawn to gun down any intruding enemies (they also didnt have respawn room visualizer)
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    The medic's needlegun is basically the super nail gun with different textures.

    The nailgun comes from quake, which had sound effects and sound track by NIN, and had boxes of Nine Inch Nails as ammo for your nailgun.

    Also, well comes from qwtf, not TFC, so if you want to get into what's REAL, it's well6.

    Unfortunately the web seems to have forgotten its gaming roots, and the only picture I could find was of someone's recent retexturing.