My name is Codybean1, seasoned Level Designer joining the TF2 Community

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    I never made a thread for introducing myself yet, but here I am. My name is Codybean1 and I'm here to breathe new life to TF2 custom maps. I've been playing the game since vanilla, and have grown to love the custom map scene. TF2's mechanics and art direction lend itself to play victim to a plethora of user-generated scenarios, everything from Official-like maps to more odd additions like Wacky Races and MARIO KART. I've picked up Hammer a while ago, but this time I'm serious about getting something out there.

    By "Seasoned Level Designer", I'm referring to my previous experience designing content for other games, most notably on the LittleBIGPlanet series on PS3 and InFamous 2/Festival of Blood. I've also coded Java games from scratch and have released those in the past, but Level Design is my main thing.

    One of my works in InFamous 2 had attracted the attention of the developers, and they sent me a prize and tons of in-game attention my way, making me one of the few 'celebrities' Playstation Network has. While it seems odd to count custom content on console games as experience, it had definitely helped for sure, and this experience more than transitioned to TF2 just nicely.

    LittleBIGPlanet 1/2 Levels:

    InFamous 2 Contest Winner:

    Yeah, I'm ready for new territory, and a new community too. You people are great and nothing short of helpful! To new things!
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    Welcome to the community! I look forward to seeing what you create!
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    Welcome to tf2maps and stuff, yaaaay.
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