My entire map is broken

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    I was editing a skybox on an adopted map and now the map is just broken and acts weird. can someone please help me figure out what I did wrong to ruin the map?
    You might have to compile the map and see how broken it is.

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    Have you checked the log yet?
    If no, then check the compile log here
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    I ran a few test compiles, and from what I can see the map has func_detailed displacements, note that displacements cannot be turned into brush entities and that doing so causes the compile to fail entirely.

    For some reason on the first compile I did I got a ***leaked*** error as well, however the pointfile pointed straight through a solid brush and hiding the entity it was coming from fixed the problem, so i'm not too sure what is going on there, it could have been a side effect of the error described above.
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