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    I'm trying to get the payload to drop inside the empty dump truck model at the end of my map but it just sits on the top of it like there's a invisible wall there.

    I, as a player, can step inside of it or another bin I make into a model.

    Being not that familiar with the way models work in terms of geometry after they are created, I didn't know it if was the Valve dump truck model or not- so I built a new dump truck model from scratch.

    The same issue occurs with my new model - cart sits on top of the truck.

    The truck (func_trian) is a part of the finale - gold cart pushed onto ramp - gold cart falls - or supposed to fall - inside the truck and the truck pulls away with the cart ending the map. It looks pretty fun when you see it.

    Is there some way you can make the models bin (on the truck) hollow?


    Am I forced to make a truck body as the model and then the bin as a brush and convert it into an entity so that it follows the truck dragging the cart along with it?
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    Have you got a path track leading into the trucvk because I think aslong as it's following the track it will do even if the track ends, unless told otherwise.
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    Yep - the way that I have it done is by using boojumsnarks library - the cart does everything properly as per the library.

    I just changed the closing sequence - from the boom to triggering a different train being enabled.

    snarks = cart hits end it falls over the edge - everything goes boom and the train is killed.

    mine = cart hits end it falls over the edge and train gets killed - when the cart (not the train operating the cart) hits the trigger it enables the new train (dumptruck) to start moving forward. it works fine for the sequence of events.

    I'm at work right now but a thought just occured to me and maybe this is the issue and not the models at all.

    In re-reading the item on making trains, I noticed that the train part is covering the entire model - do you think this might be the reason? Is my cart sitting on top of the train and not the model itsself?

    I'll try it out when I get home - but if this is the issue then maybe all I need to do is to hollow out the train entity to allow the cart model to fall into it.
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    When your train reaches the last point in Boojums prefab, I think it turns into a phys_object (?) instead, making the capture area and all other parts of the train inactive. This should mean that the model should use vertex collisions and thus fit into hollow models (like the final hole on badwater for instance).

    If you look at the collision model of the dump truck, the "hole" isn't actually hollow but by creating a model of your own, your collision mesh should be allowed to be hollow but I'm not sure how you're supposed to create it. Maybe you can even extract the actual dump truck model and then pack in an edited version into your map.

    The easiest fix is probably to shoot Boojum a PM and ask him, he's the wizard. :)
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    I bet it has more to do with the 'Train' collision. I suppose that is a brush for the player triggerattached to cart?

    I have never messed with PL maps yet.

    The large dump truck bed does have correct collision and like you said, players can get in the bed, I have seen it in another map.
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    Ok everyone I solved the problem - the problem is Valve's dump truck model.

    I did the thing I thought of at work and for anyone else this is the solution.

    Using my own dump truck model,

    1. I divided the func_train model into pieces:
    a] 1 main section that enveloped the entire front of the truck
    b] 1 Section the width/length of the truck under the bin portion of the truck
    c] 2 sections for the sides of the bin
    d] 1 section for the back of the bin

    2. Grouped them together so they would all act the same way.

    Ran the map - gold cart falls inside the bin now.

    I'd like to offer a sincere thanks for all of your help in this!