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  • Hey Frag. Thanks for the feed back. I'm toying with several different ideas of what I want to do with it. I'm aware about the lighting issues. I did a pretty compile, only to find none of my lights worked in HDR, and I didn't want to stay up an hour to find out why. As far as the bridge, I'd like to keep it, but "break" it, so that the point is clearly visible rather than appearing out of the way. Lots to do. Thanks :)
    Righton, I know how the game engine thing is. I should be working on another project but I got the tf2 bug right now.

    I'll bug ya later :)
    Hey Frag. I've kind of picked up another game in place of TF2 atm. However, I'll take a look at getting back to that model in the next weekend or two. Need to get software again, and see if I can work with someone for a proper texture and whatnot. Just make sure to keep me honest, in case it slips my mind.
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