Military Zone

VSH Military Zone v3

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May 4, 2017
looks very nice, i used to play vsh a lot. Nice to see some more serious maps being made for it


Suspect of eating cookies alive
Apr 21, 2016
Version 1CB
  • Removed tall clip brushes for water and watch tower
  • Added proper collisions for water tower
  • Added player pusher on watch tower's roof
  • Added additional lighting
  • Added control point trigger
  • Enhanced visuals
  • Added some several easter eggs (Nothing special)
  • Added player pushers trees' tops
  • Minor fixes
Version 2
  • Added underground area
  • Changed prop placement around the point
  • Vis optimization
  • Removed one healthkit placement
  • Minor fixes
Version 2B
  • Clipping fixes
  • Replaced medium healthpacks with full ones

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