Military Zone v3

Small military base in the middle of a forest.

  1. Version 3

    • Additional detailing in underground area
    • Minor detail and lighting fixes
  2. Version 1C

    Version 1CB
    • Removed tall clip brushes for water and watch tower
    • Added proper collisions for water tower
    • Added player pusher on watch tower's roof
    • Added additional lighting
    • Added control point trigger
    • Enhanced visuals
    • Added some several easter eggs (Nothing special)...
  3. Version 1C

    • Fixed game logic
    • Minor fixes
  4. Detail and lighting update

    • Red spawn detailing
      • Added windows
      • Changed wall computers to spytech themed
    • 3D skybox fixes
    • Lighting improvement
    • Minor detailing
    • Fixed unsewn displacements