Maps with an emphasis on Vertical Height?

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    I feel as if alot of tf2 maps have put too much emphasis on Horizontal flow and design. For instance, most maps are situated among a complex that's relatively flat or sloped, with multiple courtyards connected via tunnels.

    Are there maps that instead of using Horizontal elements to determine their flow, use vertical elements? Is such a thing possible for tf2's gameplay?
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    CP_Osiris is the finest example of vertical play i've seen come from TF2, and if you're interested in Vertical gameplay i'd reccomend checking it out. Massive, sprawling vertical structures that have many paths up and down, control points which depend on securing height and non-conformist chokepoint design that still commands gameplay flow without making them super cramped and frustrating like Dustbowl, or even Gorge (Which I do think is a good map, it just still relies on tight choke point design too much).

    Edit: I realise the map has had some drastic changes since its Alpha stages, but it's still a good choice for study on the topic.
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    Barnblitz has some nice tall buildings right before last. I always found those a lot of fun to play on.

    And although I can't remember the name of it, there was this really cool king of the hill map that was desert themed, and the point was set on top of a really tall cliff. The entire map was just climbing to get up top and had a lot of cool gameplay. I think soldiers were a little too powerful though, so that's something you'll have to watch out for if you're going to make a map with a lot of height.

    EDIT: The name just popped into my head! It was koth_rocktop. MAN that's an old map.
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