Multi Stage Osiris b26

Two stage a/d

  1. JeanPaul
    Blu surfaces in a giant drilling machine near an Egyptian temple where Red has built a large weapon capable of channeling an ancient power.

    Osiris is a two stage attack/defense map featuring rolling sand dunes, spacious arenas, and vertical structures.

    Hero props and world textures by Mark Foreman

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Recent Reviews

  1. Skylark
    Version: b26
    I feel like despite the years in development it was still rushed, and it's disappointing because how this good map could be even better.

    Firstly I find that the height variation is extreme and it's kinda wonky to play on, where battles occur people are on 45 degree slopes and despite being open for non-jumping classes between these high peaks it feels claustrophobic and it's hard to know what's going on around. Too many times have I been killed by a whole team that is behind a ridge that I had no idea about. Also the lines in the sand are still 90 degrees off from where they should be, sand ridges are in the same direction as dunes.

    The routing is confused, less confused than your other maps, but there's still a labynth feel to it (don't get me wrong, your ability to create routing like next to S1A is really cool, I just don't like playing on it). There's many networks of catwalks and ramps which gives the player 10 mediocre choices when they really just want 3 good ones.

    S1C lets down this map a lot, it's way too far from spawn and it has the difficulty I would expect from a final point on a final stage. All games I have played have ended either not capping S1C or capping S2B. S1C is a higher requirement than S2A and S2B. This is partly due to how far it is from spawn but mainly due to how the building S1C is in is basically just a long choke and the position of S1C is so far back red has an easy time pincering ahead and stopping an attack. I feel that this could be remedied by moving S1C all the way forward up to the wall that would block it, and red spawn could be moved forward a little to cut out the first L they turn coming out of spawn.

    For detailing there's not much wrong, S2B is really noisy with all of the greens, oranges, and gold and it's hard to see players, really hard to see stickies, but that is the limit of my dislikes. However I lack excellent things to say, the stone areas are good, the indoor wood areas are good, the outdoor wood areas are not, they look very plain and lack anything remarkable about them (but they aren't bad).

    I'm hoping that some of the issues that are mentioned every time we play it are fixed, like S1 Blu forward spawn the rear exit gives fall damage if you exit going towards S1C, and isn't pushed to RC too early. I enjoy this map but I don't want to see 7 years in development end up with a 4/5, it can be much better.
  2. Gravidea
    Version: b26
    A whole 7 years of developement! Wow! What dedication!

    I must say, that dedication certainly shows. This map is quite visually appealing. The amount of detail put in by the map maker and model maker inspires awe. If this is how it looks after this long, I can only imagine where it will go next! Lovely job!