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    This is an idea I got after looking at plr_whalerace; that map looks like it was mainly made for goofing around, but it had some pretty good ideas to it that I think could be put to good use.

    Basically, plr_cavern would take place in, as the name suggests, a cavern: an underwater cave. There are some areas on surface, but a lot of it is submerged.

    While exploring through the valley of Gold Rush in search for gold, the BLU Engineer came across the entrance to a mysterious underwater cavern. Upon reporting this to the Administrator, she surmised that it could lead straight to RED's base. This was proven true when she received reports from the RED Scout, who stumbled upon an entrance by the RED base while looking for his baseball. Both teams have been assigned the same mission: sneak the bomb cart through the underwater passageway directly into the opposing team's base. Both teams are certain that they have the element of surprise...

    The cart would run on a track underwater. This should be no problem in areas of the map where there is easy access to the surface: however, there would also be areas where the ceiling is caved over, meaning that you would have to cling to the cart for dear life, or else fear drowning.

    The first stage could start on-land, with the cart starting at your industrial base before the scenery changes to the dark and gloomy cave. The cart could then go underwater, spiraling around a central pillar before curving and eventually landing in a dark corner, where the cart falls deeper underwater. This stage would have access to air at all times.

    The second stage would spawn you on-land, but ride at a cliff where you have to dive into the water where the cart is. Eventually, you would be taken underwater, where the only lightning comes from natural luminescence and the cart's warm glow. The track would end surfacing once more.

    The final stage would consist of pushing the cart up the running stream at the bottom of a waterfall pushing down against a slanted cavern side. About halfway through you'd be pushing through the waterfall, where visibility is near zero. The waterfall would be easy to sneak through and plan ambushes. At the top of the stream, the paths would diverge, each leading to the RED and BLU bases which are, ironically, right next to each other.

    I would love to make this myself, but I lack the tools or ability to do so. It sucks to have ideas but to never be able to put them to work.

    So, would anyone like to take this project on? I would love to see this idea become a reality.
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    The problem with that idea is that the majority of the map makes Pyro's useless.

    You have an excellent resource to learn how to map if you just put the time into it.
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    yeah, i was thinking of a pl map that went into the water and back out again multiple times. i support this, seems interesting.