KotH Koth_Warehouse a1

Small map made for the 72Hour Jam 2016.

  1. miedgar

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  2. MoonFox

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    for your first release, its not bad, my first release was a buggy and rushed mess. deadlines are my graces and my pains. so, goodjob here man
  3. strafe

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    Hi! I checked out your map, here are my thoughts:

    • The map is indeed a bit small. IMO in a later version you should add some buffer areas between the point and the spawn, like in most koth maps. You should also raise the height of the roof for explosive jumping. Also, maybe widen the point/some corridors just a little bit.
    • No health/ammo packs.
    • Maybe you should add some props to the edge of the point to create a route for scouts to the platforms above.

    • IMO you should widen this room and move the doors farther apart:
    Otherwise it feels nice. Hope my feedback was useful! :)
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