KotH koth_stolen a2

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L2: Junior Member
Jan 24, 2016
koth_stolen - rectangle with things in it. tragically underscaled


Introducing stolen, called stolen because a lot of it is ideas I snatched from other maps, namely:

- "midpoint in a cave" idea (cp_rainride_a1)
- the basic midpoint structure (koth_harsh_a1)

This is a little "box with things" and is probably really underscaled but I believe each combat area is easily enough for 10+ people at once.

Things I don't like (TODO):
Lighting on bottom floor
Bottom spawn interconnectivity with main spawn


L2: Junior Member
Jan 24, 2016
so i took the feedback from a1 and fixed literally every complaint to the best of my ability

- Respawnroomvisualisers
- Fixed an extra respawn cabinet prop in red spawn
- Fixed two major sightlines
- Fixed bottom floor lighting
- Improved access to second floor from bottom floor
- Raised midpoint slightly to try and amend the "death pit" issue on mid

Potential issues:
- Mid might be a little cluttered now
- Map is still underscaled (imo) so i might see complaints about that in the future, but I won't fix it until I see it become a problem.

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