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KotH KOTH_Island A3

Numi Longfin

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Nov 17, 2016
KOTH_Island - A large sky based koth map (WIP)

This is my first attempt at a map, and as such it might not be too good. However I would like to get any feedback that i canon this map, thank you very much and enjoy!


master of fast travel
Jun 27, 2016
one thing I see with this map. Is it would be more of a fun map to get on with friends and have sniper battle I feel. I see many sniper sight lines which is fine for a first map, it part of learning. Been there done that. I also see misaligned textures which is fine for alpha maps, but you will want to correct that for beta and such or just to make a alpha map look cleaner. tbh I think this would make an awesome sniper arena mode, smashbros tf2 mod. Do what you like. A good start for a first map.


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Aug 6, 2016
Looks great for a first map, While running around it for a while I found a few problems.

There is a clashing texture here.
This is caused by 2 brushes having overlapping parts.

There is a gap in one of the walls of the wooden barriers.


I agree with nesman, This will be a really fun sniper battle map. :D

Here's an excellent guide on what to do next.

Numi Longfin

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Nov 17, 2016
Lots of stuff added/fixed and changed. the cave under the point has placeholder textures dont worry.

Known bugs: Mainly bot related, Blu team bots will not move no matter what I do.
Bots who fall in the water will drown (they cant figure out how to get back on the platforms)

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