Journey to the East Prop Submissions


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Mar 27, 2016

While this isn't a mapping contest, Journey to the East does have a map prop contest with Steam Bux prizes and in game medals! Just to clarify, this contest isn't in direct association with tf2maps, we just were given the oppurtunity to have it hosted on the domain, sorry for any confusion. You can message me or any of the project leads if you have any questions of concerns!

To submit props to be considered in the Journey to the East contest you can post a link to the download here or make sure your download submission has 'jtte' or 'journey to the east' in the tags.

Check out the full rules, prizes, and deadlines at

Feel free to post WiPs here for feedback!


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May 25, 2018
I'm guessing that you don't need to apply the thumbnail template to the prop submissions made here. Am I correct?

Nevermind, I forgot about the downloads section here.
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