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    I know introduction threads are a bit corny but I figured I might as well make one.

    I'll leave out any information regarding my other hobbies, since I have a channel for that here.

    I've been making maps for Team Fortress for about ~8 months now, but Counter-Strike: Source maps for months prior.

    I initially started mapping with the intent of making maps purely for the sake of gimmicks, (destructible scenery being the most prevalent,) however my attitude changed when I got a gig making maps for a server. (Which is now defunct, unfortunately.)


    My earliest Team Fortress map (pic related) available to the public was riddled with problems, it wasn't optimized well, it lacked many small, but important touches, among other issues. (Note the flat ground.) I've omitted many screenshots for the sake of space, however I do have some on my Steam profile.


    The map itself was full of inside jokes, secrets, and things that, although they served no purpose, helped me learn a lot in the process. Such is life, I suppose. Anyway, the map project started very humble but got a little obnoxious and bloated towards the end, and the framerates suffered.

    The project was officially, and thankfully, canned whenever the server's closing was announced. It still remains my most ambitious project to this day, but I look forward to smaller, more neatly made maps in the future. With displacements this time.

    I should have registered long, long ago, but in hindsight I'm sort of glad I didn't, because I don't think my earliest works are worthy of this wonderful site.

    So, that's really all of my history with mapping.

    But I did make custom parks in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, if that counts.
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    Hello hello! Welcome to the site! Nice to see someone new who's already been experimenting with Hammer.
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