Huge Moon Skybox?

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    Hey! I was wondering, does anybody have any downloads or links to a skybox texture with a HUGE moon?

    Im making a koth map named Moonstruck, and i wanna fit the title by having an absurdly big moon in the skybox. Im talking like ctf_mercy sized moon. maybe bigger. Does anyone have any resources on that?

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    make a brush inside your skyox < angle it so the face points towards the skybox camera - appy moon texture to it then do one or both of the following:

    1 - move moon brush near of farther away to camera to increase size
    2 - make the bush bigger or smaller and then do number one above

    note: you will need to add in a light inside the skybox to be able to see the moon texture inside the skybox - also watch light output values - to bright will wash out the details, you could maybe even colour the light but that will coor everything else inside the skybox

    check out my map to see how it's done - feel free to decompile if needed to see the setup / coding

    or just use the moon texture and apply it to one side of the skybox so the camera sees it.
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