How 'finished' should a map be before submission for play test?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Riever, Dec 20, 2011.

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    Or to clarify...

    My map will look fairly complete in that it is textured (due to the fact that I got lost a lot of the time using the devel ones...) but it is really an Alfa as it has not been multiplay tested and I could have just built a Scout/Sniper/Spy/etc fest.

    The main logic works but...

    There are holes (small holes) in the displacements, texture glitches, etc.
    The skybox extends to the ground.
    The announcements have an odd echo to them (working on this)
    The game does not end properly when the time runs out, though does on a team victory
    It needs a hefty amount of optimisation.

    And so on.

    In short it is no way finished, but as it is textured looks like it is.

    Thing is I don't want to start polishing and completing if I simply have to pull it al apart due to a serious balance issue.

    So what's the best way to submit for balance/playability testing?

    Thanks in advance.
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    If it is playable, and doesn't have anything gamebreaking, post it.

    It does NOT need to be detailed really
    it does NOT need to be super optimized (most alpha's have 0 optimization)
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    well before testing it I would recommend you to fix the stalemate issue on time limit. people will often skip to the next map if they see a map is broken. and also, if there's holes in your displacements, make sure the player can't get stuck in those.
    other than that you seem ready for testing.
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    it should play as if it was finished, doesnt matter how it looks
  5. Fr0Z3nR

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    This is a good point....

    ...even though doom, you start much more maps than you finish :p
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    If all the triggers I/O things are in but not all the "cover" brushwork is done, is it submit-able for alpha testing?

    By cover brushwork [sorry dont know the technical term if there is one] I mean other than the basic brushwork of general walls, floors and ceilings that create the overall room. I'm talking about the ones that are separation walls within the overall space that provide cover.

    So is it a requirement I have those in?

    I jsut want to test the gameplay mechanics / walk distances before I started doing the extra brushwork as they will also be decorative and that needs time to think and design.