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    This is the first map I have ever made for TF2. It is a remake of Hotel Hell from Duke Nukem 3D. You may have seen or played it before since it was uploaded over a year ago on FPSBanana. The map was removed from the site and since then it has been uploaded to various locations by fans, but in some cases along with changes to the original. I decided to reupload it here along with some new improvements after receiving numerous emails (okay, at least three) to repost it. Hopefully this clears up any confusion. Enjoy.
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    looks really good, but it IS a remake so we'll have to see how it plays.
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    Ach, ze hl2 textures! Zey burn!

    Ha, I beat you to it TPG!
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    Hotel hell was a pretty damn good map, and I've played another version for TF2, probably yours. It's very good work!

    But... there are no Half Life 2 textures.
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    I've played this at mr. saturn's server and actually enjoyed it a lot.
    Now, if it only looked more like tf2...
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    It kinda reminds a Cs 1.6 map :eek:
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    Its supposed to remind you of a Duke Nukem map :p
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    after playing it a bit, i have applaud the accuracy of the remake. however, there ARE some issues that arise:

    1: due to the true-to-original texturing, people cannot see through the surface of the water, which lets people hide under there, or even pop up some engi buildings.
    2: again, due to teh true-to-original texturing. the map isn't very friendly to people unfamiliar to the original's layout (or those, like me, who've not played DN3D in a long while). i found i spent a lot of my time going around in circles, trying to find a way up to the upper floor, and i put it down to a lack of guidance in the geometry, and a lack of visual cues (aka, arrows).
    3: i'm not sure if this is due to you trying to be true-to-original or not, but ammo/health pick ups don't really feel well distributed.
    4: the door into the hotel from the blue spawn room is so narrow that it's difficult to get a player through it (again, a true-to-original related issue)
    5: the final point is a nightmare to take. the stairwell up to it is too narrow, and the lift is suicidal as demomen love to camp the top. that leaves only the toilet->swimming pool path. which is actually kind of confusing to navigate due to lack of visual cues.
    6: the skybox needs work as "top" image doesn't line up with the "side" images of it. (not sure if it's just rotated wrong or if it's not cropped correctly).

    now having said all that, i still have to admit it was a fun map to play on, and definetly a good nostalgia trip :)
    good work on the recreation :)

    now, any chance of a remake of the 2nd level of episode1 (complete with the building destruction)? or perhaps the subway system level in ep3 (i think that was the level either before or after hotel hell)?

    edit: oh yeh, one thing i was curious about was how you got hold of the textures from dn3d for this. they seem a lil higher quality then i remember them being too.
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