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    1. Dox
      the problem with making things "red" or "blu" is the style of the architecture. Blu has an industrial theme and uses concrete and metal while red is a more agricultural theme, so making a new "red" building would look completely different if I wanted to fit the style :( .
      If you want to make the 2 of those buildings on the same map you need to change all the doors, switches, and buttons name, and thier outputs... all you need to do is add an X to the end of each name, each "parent", and all the outputs. Unfortunately, it will be alot of work, but you can do it and the second building should work without problems. Sorry I kind of packed alot of entities in there to make all the doors and the elevator work right. The two buttons on the desk are very important too, so dont overlook them.
    2. dudedragon
      hi i love the the blue lab enyway of makeing a red one? cos i tryed ya blue one out and i coppyed it for red side but they got buged cos i had 2 the ame lifts and so on i dont no how to change it but thort i ask if u can make ared one with the blue one? if thats not to much to ask pls =)
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