Highlander Gameday - Monday 9th July

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    with your host, yyler

    Server Provided by UberGaming.net

    Event will begin at:
    Central European: 8:00 PM
    UK: 7:00 PM
    Eastern: 2:00 PM
    Central: 1:00 PM
    Mountain: 12:00PM
    Pacific: 11:00 AM
    Check your time

    We will be using TF2Lobby.com for this.

    Map List:
    Map Name Author Thread Download
    koth_anthem_a2 yyler Thread Download
    koth_occult_a2 fubarFX Thread Download
    koth_hanz_72_2 Hanz Thread Download

    » Download the map pack

    Schedule is subject to change based on if authors would like to attend their map's testing. All normal gameday rules apply to this server as well.

    I want to get through 3 maps a day, at least. If there is time and people are still interested, I will try to continue with the other maps sent in to me (koth_crash_72, Montane, older Anthem, whatever else is available).

    Want to submit your map for the next HL gameday? Please read this thread on the subject. It takes time to get the maps on this server and that's why we do things ahead of time.
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  2. tyler

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    Well, TF2Lobby really slowed down towards the end and though we tried to do Crash's 72hr it wasn't possible. Messages in chat were taking over a minute to send. I'll try to get STVs to Fubar and Hanz later today. Otherwise pretty successful I think.

    Now would be a good time to send me updated maps for next weeks Highlander day (probably also Monday). Might try to do Crash and Montane tomorrow, so if there are updated versions of that send those also.
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  4. Crash

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    I wont be available until after 3PM EST today, but I'd love if you guys tested out koth_crash, if you can.

    Do you record demos like a normal gameday?
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