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    Hello guys, I have some things I'd like some help with if you're willing.

    1) The first thing is that I created a few animated material and all work fine, but today I created an animated material that is for some reason causing Hammer to crash the moment I try to apply the material to something. I don't see anything wrong with the vmt, it looks the same as all of my other material vmt's, only with the framerate/frame numbers changed for that specific material (16 frames). However the material appears to work fine's only crashing Hammer.

    It looks like this:

    "$basetexture" "kungfubellydancer\crystalanim1"
    "animatedTextureVar" "$basetexture"
    "animatedTextureFrameNumVar" "$frame"
    "animatedTextureFrameRate" "30"
    "$surfaceprop" "glass"
    "$Selfillum" 1
    "$frame" "16"

    2) For some reason some of my ambient_generics are extremely loud and can be heard through the entire map, even when I set the audible distance to 256 and the volume to 5, but then my custom sounds are extremely quiet and don't even fill the range of 1024 that I set the audible distance to, and even with a volume of 10. Any suggestions on how to even out the sounds?

    3) I'm having some difficulty understanding how hint brushes and area portal brushes and whether I should use one or the other in my map. Tutorials tend to forget to describe them in detail :/

    Thank you!
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    No idea, sorry. Maybe wait for the new VPK-compatible SDK?
    Take a look at the first flag: "Play everywhere"

    Basically you don't have to care about them in your first alphas.
    But it's always good to know.
    Ultimate guide (maybe a bit too much for the begin)
    Nice Thread
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    1: try moving the proxy block to the bottom. I don't think it should be an issue, but every valve material I've looked at (and the stuff I've made) always has proxies last. Worth a try.

    2: Aside from what bloodhound said, The audible distance has falloff, it isn't full volume at 1024 and silent at 1025, rather that 1024 is the end of the falloff. For your custom sounds, is the sound file ITSELF at the max level? ambient_generic volume can't help if the sound data is low.
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    Brush textures need to be LightmappedGeneric - VertexLitGeneric is for models. I'm not sure if that would cause Hammer to crash, but you should fix that anyway.