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  • Hey Haribo,

    You played my map (http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.php?t=23425) a few weeks back and gave some feedback on it. The following struck me, and caused me to change a lot about my map:

    "also i don't feel some of the main problems with the layout have been changed or improved apon at all since last playing" "playtesters can find that fustrating and not want to continue testing a map over over"

    I'm new to the whole mapping thing as well as getting actual feedback, and thus might have missed some of your main points (got too focused on smaller details). However, don't worry :) I have been re-watching both the first Gameday and second Gameday demo's and improved all that people where worried about (and what I agreed on :) )

    I try to do my best, and hope my map will be played on another Gameday :)

    I'm sorry if I don't get stuff right, right away.

    Anyhew, I'm sorry, and hope to see you on another gameday :)
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