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    what do i do after i install it? i'm very VERY new to this.
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    You can now use any of the Frontline assets in your maps. vmf files of asset/prefab zoos are included in the pack, along with a tech demonstration bsp you can put in your tf/maps folder to run in game.
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    Right here:

    After that, you can search for the Frontline props in the model browser by searching for, well, frontline/ , Frontline materials show up in the material browser when setting the tags to Frontline instead of TF (although they will show up with TF as well). There are some vmf files included in Frontline, these are a tech demo of the entities, the "this is included in the pack" vmf showing every model/material/skybox included and a prefab for all the entities which you can place in your own map (mines, exploding barrels, etc).