hammer save and zoom issues

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    Long time no see.

    So I turned on hammer for the first time here a few days ago, when I encountered a few problems.

    1) When attempting to save the artpass_valvebase.vmf under a different name in my sdk_content/maprsc folder, and instead it was saved under my account name in my steamapps folder. Further inspection showed that I could save under pretty much any name I wanted to as long as it was in that folder. The vmf directory is as follows: $SteamUserDir\sourcesdk_content\tf\mapsrc

    2) Most people know that you can change the size of the grid with [ and ]. I've always liked two binds on the left hand, which I believe to be Alt+A and Alt+S. Now, at first I couldn't get anything to work, but now Alt+A is working fine. Either I've forgotten the bind to enlarge the grid, or its not working either.

    So far I've done the following:

    1) Disable logitech's keyboard software.
    2) Verify the cache.
    3) Refresh the SDK content.
    4) Delete the local content, and then reinstall.
    5) Remove the most recent modification to hammer (ABS' mapping resource), and then repeat the whole process.

    So, if you've got any suggestions, I would love to hear them. Thanks!
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    1: sounds like what happened when I was testing out the instancing, which makes a .vmm and saves vmfs to that folder...

    2: alt+s is indeed enlarge, might you have another program with that as a global hotkey that is eating the keystrokes?