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    1. Sgt Frag
      Sgt Frag
      Might be cool to make the ends of the ravine twist out of site, use fence to block... maybe put a wooden dam at one end ?
      Would even be a cool arena map with almost no work.

      I noticed a few objects that could use info_lights.
      bridge, top conveyor segments and rocks in gulley.

      I don't know, maybe the gulley could be wider. 50%?

      That's it I guess, a solid entry for sure.

    2. Sgt Frag
      Sgt Frag

      Checked out both your and andyss456's maps again.

      Figured I'd give you some better feedback, I think when I posted my vote I was getting tired of typing by the end of the list.

      I deffinately think you should make a map out of it. I think Icarus is right about the bridge. If you took it out completely I think the point would be almost perfect.
      I actually think it's more sensible to not have a bridge between enemy bases like 2 fort. Without water, with exits at both ends and the mid area for jumpers it suits all classes pretty well.
      It might be a little bit of a spam fest without the bridge for cover, but both sides have good spots close to each other so no demo or soldier is gonna be safe up there anyway.
      I might worry more about cover at the sides from a well placed center sentry.

      too long for one message...
    3. Sgt Frag
      Sgt Frag
      Hey TDSoYS (lol)

      I bumped your flatbed truck thread but its getting buried again. Wondering if you have/are gonna finish or release it.
      I'd love to use it in a map I'm working on.
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