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Mar 17, 2017
So after my pc decided to die, i bought a new brand new pc, after that i needed to install everything back again. But after i've downloaded tf2 back. I opened hammer to check if it worked. Starting the program itself up wasn't the problem, but when i try to place a texuare with the block tool, it will instead turn into the shape of it, invisible and outlines. Maybe because my hours with hammer are about around 60 i haven't got enough experience to figure it out but, but does someone know the answer on how i could fix it.



Jul 31, 2009
Click the black camera word in the top left of the 3d view and select 3D textured or 3D textured shaded


Spiritual preprocessor
Dec 19, 2015
Try clicking the "camera" word on the 3D viewport. It reveals a variety of modes that a viewport can be in, from which 3D Wireframe is default. Choose 3D Textured or 3D Textured shaded (whichever you prefer) to view textures.
And gosh, manage your screenspace better.
(yes, ninjad)