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    I've actually seen no tutorials or anything to make me understand how this thing works aside from .pop files and the selection of bots that spawn in waves.

    So I ask, how do you go about setting up an MvM map in the simplest form? Looking at the mvm_example.vmf complicated me a little, does it have to be that complex?

    Thanks in advance~
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    The example is kind of like the basics of mvm.

    What happens if the random triggers on the ground are for the bots' navmesh. They are activated/deactivated depending on the wave, forcing bots to go one way than the other. It's quite simple when you understand how valve does it, and I think that some people entering the contest are just copy and pasting as they go with their map.
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    Once I get my internet back on track I'm thinking of writing a guide on how to get Mvm working, in terms of how the mapside works and how to write a popfile if anybody's interested. I'm not going to include the design theory because we haven't really concluded as to how that works yet.

    But only if nobody else beats me to it


    ok internet is back i might start it soon if i'm not kept up by school/the mvm comp
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