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    A small-sized, standard Capture the Flag gametype map.

    Made during the 72hr Summer Mapping Contest and inspired by the likes of ScorpioUprising's cp_rooftop and cp_no_mercy (basically, urban roof maps). Might continue to develop for the major mapping contest, we'll see.

    Meanwhile, have a small story:

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    I think this has a lot of potential, and of the 72-hour maps I've played this felt like the "war of the worlds" theme was integrated the best.

    The roundabout gameplay is kind of cool and it works...OKAY, but in CTF it's a little disorienting and it's often a little hard to ascertain whose territory you're in. I think you should experiment with adding more passages from one side to the other, possibly a passage right across the center of the map. I don't actually know how well that'd work but the map needs a focal point of some sort for all the action to go through. As it stands the flow of traffic through the map is just kind of confused.

    The inspiration from Rooftop is pretty clear, but I think you did a decent enough job differentiating your map. I also really like the intel room with the glass windows overlooking the city, this map will be really cool if you decide to develop it further (I hope you do!)
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