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    by Egan

    Currently: Alpha Phase

    The map is themed as a hydroelectric dam in the badlands. It uses the badlands skybox but an average of the hydro lighting and badlands lighting so it's not so 'evening' as badlands. The inner sections of map are hydro/gorge themed, while the spawns are badlands/desert themed.

    Capture and hold the point for 2 minutes to win. Every death on the team who owns the point will add a small time penalty to their clock. The time penalty changes depending on connected players: Low player counts (<11) time added will be 6 seconds; Medium player counts (11<x<21) time added will be 4 seconds; High player counts (>21) time added will be 2 seconds.

    Thanks to:
    E3pO & Jerfy - Moral Support & Donations
    My twitch chat - Feedback & Tips
    YM - Feedback
    Playtesters during imps - Feedback
    Playtesters of Watergate - Helping me understand deathmatch more
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    So there appears to be some crashing going on for koth_egan_72_a5.bsp for people with FPS configs when they walk into (or spawn into) red spawn area. I've tested with a couple people and recompiled versions of _a5 but haven't found anything specific that helps the situation, just confirming that if you disable your (very general) FPS config that you don't crash.

    Things we've tried:
    August 6th, 2015:
    • Turning off lightmaps on all static props in the map. Result = still crashes.
    • Getting rid of that spy skin override. Result = still crashes.
    • Fixing those weird paint patches on red base balcony that don't show up ingame but do in hammer. Result = still crashes.
    • Testing just the gamemode prefab. Result = no crash.
    • Disabling FPS config. Result = no crash!

    Testing with Hoplite Joe, Yellow, Ibex, and MsMudpie we narrowed it down to when players are using low model quality settings. Seems to occur near red base.

    August 17th, 2015:
    • Removing the 0.0625 modelscale observatory prop in the skybox. Result = still crashes.
    • Removing the mindx level 95 from the red (and blue) harbor pipe props. Result = still crashes.
    • Remaking the computer terminal props (after narrowing it down to red area with those). Result = still crashes.
    • Disabling prop lightmaps on red computer terminals. Result = seems not to crash, even though we tried this before and my testers said it did - will try with them.

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    This looks pretty nice. I was happy to be able to catch your stream on twitch. Sorry I'm so late.
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    Okay I finally have solved the issue of koth_egan_72_a5.bsp crashing for players with FPS configs or more specifically with their model detail setting on 'low': apparently if you compile a map with some specific props and enable lightmaps on them as well as vertex lighting (-staticproplighting in vrad compile options) and run the game with low model quality settings then viewing these specific props cause you to crash.

    Some props work, some props don't, here's some that do work:

    And here's some that crash you:

    If you disable either prop lightmaps or vertex lighting on the prop then they will work fine, and for the time being that seems to be a good temporary mapper-fix.

    I've made a test map to show off the crashes: http://i.imgur.com/ctXrj4X.png
    Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bv8eal5m2z6i3sn/TF2_test_lightmapcrashes_bug.zip?dl=0
    There are 5 rooms sealed off from each other and the spawn point / observer cam with closed areaportals:
    Room 0 contains the miningcrate with lightmaps and vertex lighting enabled. No crash.
    Room 1 contains the industrial pipe with lightmaps and vertex lighting enabled. No crash.
    Room 2 contains the 2pipe with lightmaps enabled and vertex lighting disabled. No crash.
    Room 3 contains the 2pipe with lightmaps and vertex lighting enabled. Crash!
    Room 4 contains the computer with lightmaps and vertex lighting enabled. Crash!
    (Reminder that you need low model quality settings).

    I have not looked into the specifics of these prop files, whether or not it's a problem with the material or model files individually. My guess is it might be related to shared UV space, but that's just a hunch.

    I've confirmed with testers that this does solve the issues koth_egan_72_a5.bsp had (and the latest version of Watergate apparently) and have sent this info to Valve by email. Ido also confirms that this version of the map (koth_egan_72_a5_fix1.bsp) can replace the one currently in the map cycle since the only change is the crash fix.
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    That also seems to be the issue plaguing Ramjam and Goldtooth. Good find.
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    I had this issue for one version of Glassworks. I had narrowed it down to the light map I used on some pipes, but this is much more thorough.
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    Would a model with prop lightmaps enabled, and vertex lighting disabled, still have the same quality lighting and shading as one that has both enabled? Do prop lightmaps only allow for finer, more realistic shadows on the prop, whereas the prop's illumination is only handled by its origin or vertex lighting?
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