Dusk till Dawn - Detailing Contest 2019.

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  1. Freyja

    aa Freyja It hurt itself in it's confusion!

    Positive Ratings:
    Very pwitty and super screen shot worthy everywhere, I think you did custom puddle textures and they where super cool.
    - intriguing scenery and detail
    - obvious skybox seam
    The sound design is very VERY good here. What is here is done great, there just isn't very much of it.
    This entry felt very immersive as a whole. A big part of that was the use of lighting and particle effects. The biggest nitpick would be the roads. As a whole, they felt a little small and awkward, especially when bridging between the map and the skybox.
    I really like how this one looks. The first thing I noticed was how nice the skybox transition was. Its barely noticable and sells the illusion that the map is bigger than it really is. This entry feels the largest. I like the wet ground and the mud, the rain effects, and the sounds. It really feels like I'm stuck in a heavy downpour. I also like the occasional lightning strike that lights up the map. I think the cabins look nice but I wish some things were lit up more brightly, especially the large roadside sign. I thought this one was really good.
    would like to see more from this map, because in terms of ambiance its one of my favorites. i loved the weather effects and the mood is set really well. perhaps another cabin or small abandoned gas station, and some of the lines werent as smooth as they could be. otherwise really immersive
    Fantastic visual storytelling with props and visual effects. The leaking ceiling and rain rolling off of the roof were very well done, however my only complaint is that it's a little jarring for the roads to instantly end without rounding off or looking more natural when they connect with the skybox.
    I really like the details for this map, they all fit the environment they were in. That being said, the rain outside could definitely be toned down. Particles usually should add environment (which they still did) while not blocking other details. In your map, i sometimes had trouble seeing past the clouds of white that would come up every so often. Over all, I liked the feel of this map, but would tone down the particles.
    I really like this. There's a lot of great details, like an outhouse (shows the space was thought through) and that the leak in the cabin actually comes out of a crack. I also like the phones on the telephone poles, the storm is good, and the streets feel real but TF2-y, which is a feeling some other entries lack. I would have given this a 5, but the edge of the map has a really obvious seam where the 3D skybox connects.
    Great atmosphere and details all around, my main gripe is the imperfect skybox transitions
    - Very atmospheric and the skybox was well done to make the area feel huge. Makes me want to explore more. Interesting terrain
    - Interior of the hut is nice, lots of details packed into the small space. Feels lived in.
    - Other than the cabin, there isn’t much else to explore. I get that it’s meant to be isolated and in the middle of nowhere, but I feel like it could do with something else in the playable space.
    It has a nice mood to it and it's simple in a good way.
    This is how the tf2 noir film should start. Very atmospheric and gloomy. Feels like someone was in the cabin right before the player came in. It tells The cabin is nicely built. I like how you used a flat texture for the inside rather than the prop like the outside. It removed the visual clutter caused by having props as walls. I dont agree with the “falling clouds” but it is only a slight annoyance.
    The rain drops are huge.
    dusktilldawn_krazy: 5/5
    -Holy shit, the lightining actually lights up the map? That's so cool I don't even care to correct my misspelling of lightning
    -The log cabin looks amazing
    -The cubemaps are a bit weird but the puddles in the mud are a nice touch, however they end quite abruptly where they meet with another displacement without them

    Da Spud Lord
    The particles are a bit annoying but I really like the 3d skybox and overall atmosphere
    holy shit thats a lot of rain. interiors seem really nice. really great oob areas too. really dig the mountain in the distance. would be a lot better without the rain
    I love this entry, it's warm, rustic, and there's water dripping into a bucket, it's excellent. I adore the puddles in the mud, it's very believable, I think the outhouse was a cute addition, and the furnace was a neat touch. The thunder and lightning were also a great touch that make the map ever so much better. I'm giving this entry a confident 5
    Wishing there was more!
    Good use of space. Feels like a real place. Interesting details throughout made it enjoyable to explore.

    I loved the interactive cash register. :3
    - incredible interior and exterior detailing
    - bland skybox
    While the theme was interesting and the map itself well executed, I felt there were a couple of strange choices that bogged down the map. The largest one being the skybox: the brushwork and fog felt off and the end of the skybox was very transparent. Also, the artificial lighting was a bit strange in certain places.
    This is mine
    The cafe is really cool looking and I like the lights on the roof. Some of the buildings look really nice and there is some storytelling going on in the map with the props, but overall it feels pretty empty. You could have better utilized the skybox to make the map feel larger, but instead its just a row of buildings that are obscured by fog and abruptly end. I feel like this is a really good idea that falls short in execution.
    really great theme and mood, props look wonderful. some lost opportunities on further detailing, skybox seems unfinished. otherwise very pretty, detailed, and fun to explore
    Lots of textures that you could see through the other side of, a lack of detail in lots of areas of the map excluding the initial cafe, lots of missed opportunities.
    I've been meaning to make a style of map like this for a while, and thought you did quite well with it. There were many details that worked, and didn't overwhelm me while I walked through. Only problem I had was this bulkiness I saw in some places that I unfortunately cant explain, or really put my finger on. I'm sorry I can't give good feedback, and it may just be something wrong with me. either way, good job!
    I want to like this but it feels underdeveloped. Venice is a city of canals, but this feels like a city on a lake. Would have been easy to up the density and create more buildings, bridges, etc. The candles on the tables are huge and impractical, and the arch under the bridge that crosses the canal is too visibly jagged for a detail contest. The white building to the right of the cafe (looking out over the water) is underdetailed and poorly lit. Although there are some good ideas here, it feels rushed and underdone.
    Great ambience and theme-specific detailing, though I'm not a fan of the water colour + the lack of underwater detailing given how clear the water is, plus the skybox buildings feel a little too simplistic and flat
    - Love all the colourful angled buildings. Good use of colour all over the map.
    - Really like all the lighting around the tables. The soft interior lamps and the candle lit tables with dangling bulbs overhead is pretty.
    - Reminded me of that hat in time city level with the penguin, when you’re going around taking photos with fans and stuff.
    - Left side of the middle building stuck out to me as being a bit plain. That whole side of the map feels less developed overall.
    - Skybox ends quite abruptly on the sides.
    - Dynamite crates -3 points , im joking they alright
    This one is really nice, but there are a few things that could have been done better/differently in my opinion. The first one is the skybox, it looks weird to me for there to be such a large body of water inbetween the cafe area and the houses in the distance also they look a bit boring. It also doesn't make sense for there to be water all the way to the horizon (ocean I assume)both to the left and to the right.
    Secondly I feel like the pier with the white arches could have been given a bit more detail, maybe a boat or some other props, maybe by making a large crack in the pier itself, as it is right now it feels abit blocky and empty.
    Last bit of criticism is where are them gondolas?
    All in all it's really cool though, nice touch to have the bar/counter as a resupply.
    Solid entry. Reminded me of Spiderman Homecoming with the tower and the theme. Your choice of skybox works well with the theme since the city of venice has somewhat of a romantic feeling to it. The festival vibe was strengthened with the festive lights and other decorative lights. The bar is nicely detailed with the props from overgrown pack. However, leaving the bar to see a bare skybox was underwhelming. The skybox has visible end to it so it fails to give an illusion that I am in a real city. The scene with the church is much better but the street is empty. Coupled with the quiet generic watery soundscape, it almost feels lifeless too. No one’s talking and no toasts are being given. The hat and the bottle is the only hint that someone around here. Or maybe this is how it feels after thanos’s snap.
    dusktilldawn_mikroscopic: 4/5
    -I like the architecture, it's quite well-done
    -The skybox buildings could use some more detail
    -It also feels kinda... lacking? I can't quite put my finger on it but something just feels missing. Like there should be more. Some of the buildings feel underdetailed. I want to give it a 5 but it just doesn't feel like a 5. I also kinda feel like giving it a 3... I'm getting a lot of conflicting feelings about this map.

    Da Spud Lord
    water doesnt feel right, too green. would start the player more inwards towards where the buildings start.
    My first impressions of this map were great, I love the cafe. I think the water was a bit too green, and the water in general was pretty annoying to go through, but that's just source. I love the tower with the spotlights as well, It's a nice touch. The map's real neat but it feels really tight, and the 3d skybox is not very detailed and feels bland. But besides those, it's a great entry, I'll give it a 4
    Not very detailed beyond what a normal map would be. Perhaps less, since there is only one interior.
    Too bright. Does make some use of height. I felt it missed the theme a bit.
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    aa Freyja It hurt itself in it's confusion!

    Positive Ratings:
    Red Dagger:
    Really nice and clean. ^-^
    - fits tf2 very well
    - bit too dark outside
    - interior too blocky, could've used more props instead of brushwork
    There's not much here, but what is here, is beautiful.
    This entry really feels like it could be smacked right into TF2 and I wouldn't even notice the difference. The skybox, soundscapes, and detailing all worked alongside one another to create a sense of isolation. That said, the skybox did feel a little too empty and a few very minor details were a little bit weird feeling.
    I really like the skybox on this one. Its very minimalist but gets the job done. The lighting is a really deep red and contrasts nicely with the dark, almost-black scenery and the pink sky. The rock arch is cool and the road looks neat as it rolls into the distance. I think this entry falls short in the design of its building, however. Its my favorite out of the 3 gas stations, but its not without its problems. The roof trim is using a weird railing texture that is rotated in the wrong direction, and the ceiling texture isn't centered and I don't think it fits to be honest. The shelves in the store are super thick and they use the same texture for every part of them, which I don't think looks good. They are also the only prominent detail, and are quite bare. In some spots the texture isn't aligned correctly. The interior lighting is pure white, which makes things look washed-out and artificial. I think the skybox is the star of this entry.
    LOVE the ambiance and design, skybox and gas station is very well thought out and well done. though i understand the isolated desert road is part of the design of the map, i wouldve liked to see more detailing/props involved, perhaps a hidden room, or a broken down car/tumbleweed. great lighting.
    This map feels VERY inspired by No Country For Old Men, which I am a big fan of, both the film and the use of the inspiration. The small tasteful touches of godray lighting on the lights above the gas station were very pleasing to look at. I really enjoyed the near seamless connection of the road in and out of the skybox, and the sunset next to the rock ring at the end of the road was very pretty. My only gripe is that with very little effort in game you can see where there are holes in the ground outside of the map which is very immersion breaking.
    I liked the general aesthetic of this map, and think you executed many of the gas stations geometry well. Many People have trouble with the 3d skybox, and it may take a long time to get a mastery over the hell that is the displacement tool. In your map, the outdoor was nice in some places, but hit some oofs in others. I can only tell you to keep trying, because it seems you're at the verge of being a detail pro.
    I like this scene, and it's an example where the mostly empty vista really works, because that juicy desert sunset is lovely. The exterior is the strong point. The gas pump area is done well, especially the detail with the spigot. It looks true to life. Unfortunately, the inside doesn't really work. The broken window would be boarded up differently, and the beer should be in coolers. I wish there was something more going on in here - a car being worked on, or something more than a bar of gold in the safe. The outside of the gas station is so beautiful, but the scene still feels very empty.
    <my map>
    - Feels like it’s missing something tall behind the gas station to fill up the space, even if it was just raising the height of the cliffs at the back. It’s all very horizontal at the moment if that makes sense.
    - The low, really red sun angle lighting up the sides of the cliffs looks nice.
    - I like the shape of the front of the gas station with the angled bits either side of the door and the overhang. It’s well lit.
    - Cute interior detailing
    This one feels like it has a similar asthetict to the sfm animation expiration date. The skybox looks really nice and convincing. In my opinion the shelves inside the store/gas station look a bit weird and unrealistic. also the two light-shafts outside the gasstation are solid.
    Sometimes it’s important to understand where not to detail. This map knows where not to detail. The barren landscape is supposed to be barren. The orientation of the skybox and the placement of the arch is clever. The sharp contrast the skybox and the landscape makes emphasizes the dusk theme of the map which is important to the contest. With a clever use of lighting you manage to keep the attention to the two most important parts of the map: the horizon and the gas/oil station. The area in between them has bare minimum amount of detail but since you made it clear that those are not the important part with the lighting, it is perfectly reasonable.

    The station itself demonstrates your ability to detail a given space to great success. Inside is full of fitting props to convince that it is a typical convenience store. Usual supplies like Tobacco, paint, and alcohols are there. I personally have never been in a real life station like this but the layout does remind me of a gas station from Player Unknown’s Battleground. I assume that this is a common look for American gas stations. The staff’s room behind the counter has secret golden bar and a maintenance report card which are enough to sell the purpose of the room. The garage looks exactly how a garage should look. I’m not sure if it’s open for customers or not but it is implied that cars do get fixed in there. The parts of furniture in the room have textures not rotated on it but that’s a minor mistake. The 3d skybox have some blocky rocks which need a bit more work. To push this map into 5, you just need to include more areas to explore. All the existing parts are almost perfect.
    I'd increase the texture scale on the far away scenery.
    dusktildawn_reddagger: 3/5
    -Some of the detail wood brushes, such as those of the workbench or the shop shelves, are thicker than necessary for their purpose and are thus off-putting
    -Some of the wood textures were not rotated properly
    -On a few props, the lighting was a tad too bright
    -The mug sitting on the shelf is sunken into the wood too far; if you look in from the top, you can see the wood instead of the bottom of the mug
    -Outside of the gas station, there's not a lot going on. I know you were going for an ""isolated"" look, but it feels more ""empty"" than ""isolated"".
    -It's not bad, but it's not great either.
    rather simple but I really dig it, works well. not that much going on with it but its a good aesthetic
    The map looks far too red, almost comically red, and a gas station in the middle of a mesa feels very odd. The gas station itself looks really neat, with little details and great ambient sound. It looks okay, but it could use some work, I'll give this entry a 3
    I want to see more - like a basement with robotic tinkering, or maybe a spytech lab in a cave.
    This one was my favourite and winner. It was well scaled, it used custom props, and the lighting really conveyed a believable crack of dawn feeling. I felt this map did more with less and it worked.


    Very nice.
    - broken cubemaps
    - silent and not lit very well
    - theme not explored and exercised well
    Very aggressive fog, and missing cubemaps. No soundscape. Very dark in some places to the point I had to turn on fullbright just to see. If you hit the gong it rings for a very very very long time. Skybox is very lacking in detail. Generally quite bland and dull
    The complex was interesting, with a few fun details such as the hidden Spytech equipment. The city in the skybox was also a nice touch. However, the lighting and overall brushwork was fairly flat and not all of it felt like a TF2 location.
    This entry is missing cubemaps so some props and the water are pure white and look really bad. I don't think anything is casting light on this map except for the environment light. Interiors and exteriors alike are bathed in total darkness and impossible to see. There is also a total lack of sound. I'm sorry, but this entry missed all its marks.
    it's alright, feel like theres a serious lack of cohesion, feels kind of thrown together. mood is alright. bamboo is really bad. skyline is alright. really cramped, not in a great way. thematically doesnt make a whole lot of sense
    This is MY map. Please don't use the score guys. My map
    Blocky, basic detailing. Disappointed to see so little 3d sky here. Most of it is bamboo that is obviously 2D. In fact there's too much bamboo! Let me get closer to the water. Not a lot to do or see here. Why are the stairs into the area with the gong shiny metal? I am happy to see you hid some spytech, and the lanterns floating down the river are a really nice detail. I like the skyline too. It's a nice view. I wish I could rate this higher, but the bamboo skycards in particular feel so lazy.
    A bit plain and doesn't really seem to do anything special in terms of detailing; a solid wall of vegetation as the boundary is especially meh
    - The river is probably my favourite part, the lanterns floating along are super cute.
    - Had to come back to this because HDR wasn’t working and I thought the whole map was super dark.
    - Overall quite simple, the terrain could have been more exciting.
    - The shapes of the buildings are nice, definitely got the Japanese architecture feel to them.
    Idea is good but the execution not so much in certain regards, It's way too dark in many spots (as in pitch black) It looks as if the lighting is messed up, if intentional it definitely is an area where improvements could be made. It would have been interesting to be able to enter more of the buildings. Some soundscapes could also have made the map a lot better.
    This map lacks architectural accuracy and general detail. Architecturally accurate japanese buildings can push itself to high score easily. However, this map does not have it. The japanese buildings do not look like this as can be seen from Suizin or Teien. Lighting is bland as it does not have a focus. The circular door is not aligned properly so it is not centered. The spytech hidden behind a screen can only be described as a bare minimum attempt of incorporating a different theme into this map. Realistically, there is only one spytech-related prop in this map and it is not enough for anything.
    dusktilldawn_yo: 1/5
    -Cubemaps seem kinda very fucked
    -Lighting is super flat; are any of the light sources actually emitting light?
    -Not a lot happening
    -Doesn't look like much effort was put in
    -The above feedback was from when I viewed the map with HDR on. Out of curiosity, I loaded the map with HDR off, and the lighting actually seemed to work; the above lighting issues seem to be an issue with HDR. If you're gonna compile with HDR, test with HDR to make sure it works so you don't get things like this. If you can't get the HDR to work, then don't compile with HDR. Feedback after this is from viewing the map with HDR disabled, unless otherwise stated.
    -The texture scale on the flowing water should be higher; it noticeably loops over and over again.
    -The map looks a lot better like this, but still not great...
    -There's an overabundance of bamboo in the skybox, I feel like you could've been a bit more creative there. The skybox is meant to give me the impression that there's a larger world out there, but I'm not getting that impression here.
    -Cubemaps are less fucked with HDR off, but there's still an overly reflective surface on one of the small staircases that's kinda fucked
    -I like the lanterns that ocasionally come out of the tunnel
    -Even with HDR off, the lighting's still kinda flat in some places
    -How would a normal person reach the building at the top of the hill in the middle? Climb up the giant wooden slats? They're not even aligned. That seems like a frustrating and unintuitive way of getting up there...
    -There's just not a lot to look at. It's very barebones and feels lazy.
    -I'm torn between a 1 and a 2. I'm going with a 1 primarily because of the absolutely fucked HDR, the lazy skybox, the weird-looking river, and the boring buildings. If these were fixed, I'd give it a 3, maybe a 2.

    Da Spud Lord
    my hdr is screwed on this map, every prop and weapons super bright. starts off showing a black rock that covers the entire screen- not a good place to spawn a player. location doesnt feel that well either, theres also a prop waaay out of bounds that probably isnt within 3072x3072
    The map overall feels very odd, the colors and building shapes make the entire entry feel almost like a different artstyle. The river was a neat idea, but it goes a tad too slow for that rushing water texture, and the spytech was haphazardly thrown in. The bamboo makes the map feel peculiar thanks to it's vibrant green, and the center building wouldn't be on a single cliff-tower thing. The japan theme was a good choice, but this entry only gets a 2
    I can see what you're going for, but the lighting is really buggered - all shadow is just pitch black, so almost no detail gets through. Beyond that I didn't find there to be any detailing beyond a regular tf2 map.
    Missing textures. No or unbuilt cubemaps. Overall it was too dark and the lighting didnt match the skybox. The geometry felt too boxy and rectangular.
  3. Freyja

    aa Freyja It hurt itself in it's confusion!

    Positive Ratings:
    Da Spud Lord:

    overall good apart from the occasional questionable use of textures and props
    I love everything about this, and will probably have my next map be stylised off of this.
    The gantry and support work was fantastic. The lighting drew your eye to the right places. This entry felt very TF2-escque, with an interesting theme. If anything, certain parts of the facility were a little barren.
    This entry is wonderful. The bright orange color of the lava contrasts nicely with the dark jungle above. I think the night time lighting is beautiful. The overhead gantry looks really cool. The underground areas are nicely detailed and functional. I really like the sounds and scounscapes used on the map, except for the howling werewolf. There are no wolves in the jungle, and werewolves especially seem out of place since its not a spooky halloween theme. I also think you could have used the angled handrails on your stairs instead of the normal ones. Other than my small nitpicks I think this is a strong entry, one of the best for sure.
    amazing attention to detail and worldbuilding. love the mirage around the lava, lots to explore and see, props very well used. love the mine shaft, parking garage, security office, and reactor cores. lovely mood and great to poke around in
    Fantastic attention to detail in lots of areas, most notably the bottom of the lava ravine as well as the lived-in details of the guard's post. My only gripes are that on the left side of the map (facing the facility) there's a stairwell that leads up to the overhead of the whole plant, which you cannot walk up despite looking like you can. That, as well as the fact that some of the windows on the facility ARE see through while some are not is a little disappointing.
    I liked the geometry of this one, but the theme kind of confused me. I kinda feel bad, because I think I might have misunderstood something? Either way, I liked the look of the environment and don't think any of the detailing was bland or repeated.
    This is really good! There's a lot to see here and it's great to have such a big navigable space. I like all the tucked away details, like the mining shaft or whatever near the lava flow. Speaking of, I appreciate the rocks and stuff in that, and how it all flows. The turbine room is really cool, and the office spaces are well done. I like that it seems actually usable in a car, too (the parking garage is prettier than it has a right to be), and burying the camera props in brushes to make laser detectors at the gate is a great detail. The flickering lights and various sounds really add to it. All the pipes, door details, crane/scaffolding stuff, etc are so well done. My only complaint is the angled railings--they look really stupid. You should have either made intricate brush railings or converted to the steep angled railings, or found something else. I really want to dock you a point for how bad those railings are. But the rest of it is so good that I won't.
    Brilliant idea and lovely execution on all fronts, only mild criticism would be more focus needed on small stuff like a texture here and an intersecting prop there, and maybe more micro-detailing in general
    - I like the scale of the building with the giant girders. Curvy ramp was fun. Really cool theme and having lava was a nice idea for a creative lighting source.
    - The main building exterior could have been a more interesting shape. I guess the metal framework lends itself for making modular blocks but adding something that wasn’t square to the top/side might have improved it.
    - Nice jungle, makes the map feel bigger.
    - This map stood out to me as one that used sound well.
    The textures used work really well together, a nice take on the jungle theme. Nice use of audio and lights to create a beliveable and immersive scenary, I wish there was more to explore but that just goes to show how interesting what's acctually there is(interesting enough for me to wish for more).
    The skybox also does agood job at selling the effect of a larger world beond what is reachable.
    An improvement could be to include more hints towards an acctual story, what has the facility been used for and so on, but that's really just me forcing myself to come up with some sort of criticism since I can't give only positive feedback right :)
    Also something that has probably been noted a handful of times already is that the forklift aswell as the boxes in the van in the garage are missing their textures.
    Mercenary park on steroids.
    The theme is unique and fun. The upper area has blue ambience from night sky while the lower area has strong orange ambience from the lava. This is a common but very effective color contrast often seen in movie posters. It is an exciting composition that more maps should use. The crane has a practical structure and therefore is believable. It is clear that resources are lifted in and out of the lava pit and it can operate on both sides of the bridge as well. I can imagine that a control room for the crane is located behind the angled window which overlooks the whole site. Not the most structurally sound crane as the pillars are not connected directly to the main rail but has horizontal struts and the crane itself seems to somehow levitate under the crane structure instead of moving along a set rail.

    I wonder what purpose can a mineshaft serve for this powerstation that generates electricity with lava but the transition between the two seemingly unrelated themes was reasonable enough to make me believe that it is possible. I like how the fence is broken. Possibly by someone pushing the minecart a bit too fast, causing it to derail and plunge into the lava pit. Speaking of lava pit, the lava fog particle makes the lava too hazy and so it’s difficult to look at it without losing focus. Not sure if the rusty guardrail really fits this mostly pristine facility but again, pretty minor. This map makes me believe that there is so much more to it because of how immersive and realistic the detail is. A solid 5.
    The 2 large windows are a bit dark.
    dusktilldawn_daspudlord: 5/5
    -this is cleary best maap
    -shoudl definifely win first place
    -evryone else map is poopy head
    -i am not bias in any way
    -also the spud lord is very hansome and sexy
    -this was definitily not written by the spud lorr


    (I am Da Spud Lord, subtract this vote.)
    I love the lava in this entry, it gives the map a unique feel compared to other jungle maps. The garage is a neat touch and the dripping water coming out of a pipe is a great tiny detail, although framerate doesn't matter, it's hard to appreciate a detail entry if you're getting half of your normal fps most of the time. I like the 3d skybox, it's neat, and the catwalks above the lava make the scene even more dramatic. I like the gantry and merc park aesthetic as well, great adds. A great entry despite it's flaws, I'll give it a 4
    I rate you a five, when I really mean six, to avoid squishing everyone else's numbers down (and also because I can only mark as high as five). Fantastic and if you ever want to turn this into a playable map please message me! Best entry I've seen yet.
    Nice use of lava lighting and theme is there. One of the pritter entries. It's detailed well and has interesting points of interest. I felt there were too many stairs that only served the purpose of moving a player to the key poi and I felt this detracted from the believeablity of the environemt.


    Super cool idea, I really liked walking around your map and seeing everything, launching the rocket was fun. :3
    - beautifully detailed, fits tf2 perfectly
    - nothing negative to say
    who did I just nuke
    Absolutely suburb detail and sense of theme. The whole of the facility felt extremely real and interactive. I had the largest smile on my face when I launched the missile (woohoo for starting Nuclear War). This entry looks extremely professional. The only complaints I have are the pipes looking a little too cluttered in certain areas and some of the snow decals matching the snow texture strangely in a few spots.
    This was my map.
    easily one of the best maps. so well-thought out, functional, and detailed. tells a nice little story. works flawlessly, really cool concept and execution. perhaps some more little props around the control rooms/offices. wanted to see more smaller details. otherwise wonderful
    Certainly agree with unparalleled interactivity, though some areas feel rather lacking in detail. I'd like to see more signs of employees having been there, or some other set of details telling a narrative you'd like to tell.
    One of the coolest details (which I'm sure the launch able rocket ship added a lot too.) This Was a very cool concept and execution that looked really good too. I could really feel the contrast of the outdoors and indoors. Only thing I was slightly annoyed with is the intensity of the snow particles. It was a bit much in my view.
    Okay yeah really good great job wow. Love all the little things like pipes and stuff threading through doors, around corners, etc. Detailing in the silo is amazing. Command center (and office area) is really well designed and executed. I love that you can actually go through and initiate the launch, but my favorite thing is the elevator ride down. The shaft is so realistic, and that counter weight! Absolutely amazing.
    Even without all the dynamic stuff this would still be a 5, the brushwork and prop usage is great - my one complaint is that everything's kinda drab which takes away from everything a little bit
    - The interactivity and the general atmosphere were great.
    - The hatch opening and missile launch were ofc amazing, loved how the orange glow lit up the room.
    - Kind of torn on whether the interior colours are too bland. The geometry is interesting but I’m not sure if I like the neutral beige/grey walls with brown/teal highlights. It probably fits the theme better being a bit drab and this colour palette is more unique than the standard red/blu, but there are places where something feels missing. Even if it was just subtle coloured glows from lights.
    - Really happy that the big circular room isn’t symmetrically detailed. Made it much more realistic and more interesting exploring different rooms.
    - Overall technically impressive and fun to explore :)
    I honestly can't think of anything negative about this submission It's pure detail and has such a strong atmosphere to it, it feels like something straight out of a singelplayer fps game (think hl2 or something). And yeah the interactives are amazing.
    Your description of it being ‘unparalleled detail and interactivity’ was not wrong after all. Amazing entry with polished presentation. The details are very realistic while also managing to feel like tf2 even though it’s much more detailed than the usual tf2 sceneries. I liked how the elevator worked both ways, and how it even included a counterweight which is often overlooked. The hatch prop is well animated and the silo itself feels like a proper silo. The rocket firing sequence was well-executed as it gives the sense of scale successfully. Even the exhaust was done properly even though it’s impossible to see without noclipping. The curves in this map are very smooth. I’m assuming that it is a displacement curve. The overall structure utilizes uncommon angles, giving the facility a unique feeling. One thing that’s lacking from this entry is a creative use of lighting. Although it has the staircase showcasing a nice shadow casted by metal staircase, the rest of the interior of the facility relies mostly on generic industrial lights.
    dusktilldawn_puxorb: 6/5
    -Jesus man, what fucking agent of evil did you sell your soul to for a map this good?
    -I just... don't have words. This map is awesome. It's not just a map, it's an *experience*. It's great. Take your 5/5. I'd give you a 6/5 if it were possible. I genuienly hope this map wins.
    -Also, I feel bad for whoever comes after you...

    Da Spud Lord
    It kept getting better, loved it
    The best entry I've seen in the contest! The interactive hatch and rocket give you so many things to do and I adore the little detail of the elevator actually having counterweights. I think you could have chosen a better skybox for the snowy theme and the underground areas are extremely mazy and chunky to maneuver around, but besides those nitpicks, this map is an easy 5, excellent work!
    Freaking awesome. A close second with Spudlord's entry. Just needs a few polishes. And more wind noise! Way more!
    Overall a nice environment. The lights were too bright and I would have liked to have seen height used. Overall it felt too small.
  4. Freyja

    aa Freyja It hurt itself in it's confusion!

    Positive Ratings:
    Very nice
    - detail fits tf2 very well
    - skybox feels a bit out of place
    The sense of isolation was well executed in this entry. The detailing in the garage and the back yard area was nicely done as well. However, the skybox seam where it connects to the map was fairly obvious at certain places. The skybox also felt a little off at times.
    The building looks good. Its nicely structured and textured in a semi-realistic tf2 sort of way. I think it works perfectly for the game. My main issue however is that this entire entry is lit rather poorly. It doesn't look like you used a single light_spot entity anywhere on the map, instead just using the standard light entity. This gives the interiors a flat, dull appearance whereas a light_spot would create visual detail with the shadows it would cast. There are also no env_sprites, env_lightglows, or point_spotlights on the map convey the brightness of the light fixtures. The skybox is okay but extremely flat. Overall things looked pretty bland on this one.
    i wish this one was more detailed. i appreciate the prop placement and the thought put into them. seems a little underwhelming, couldve had more to it. i like the theme and mood
    Rather uninspired and lacking detail that tells a story. Feels as though this is in the middle of nowhere for no reason. Try using more props to tell a story.
    This is another map which I really love the aesthetic of. Its farm detail down right, which I don't see often. This place is really believable, and I think this one a lot. The detailing is well done, because it seems simple, but there's still a lot of it. Its well spaced and placed.
    Nice enough, but a little plain. Some details are questionable: mousehole in bricks, a silo with wooden beam trims? The ladder in the trap door is a stroke of genius, don't think I've ever seen something like that. Why is the milk jug upside down though? Overall, I just wish there was something more to this.
    The detailing and geometry are well done, if a little plain - for example it could do with more variation in brush thickness in detailed places - but the map is kept back by the skybox and skybox transition, which make it look kinda unfinished
    - Main building shape is quite simple and could have done with some more external lighting. Maybe some spotlight shining up like in doublecross to add more interest to the walls.
    - Garage is my favourite part, lots of small details and the beams are a nice addition.
    - The main building feels a bit empty inside, I think this amount of props/detailing inside looks nice but it too sparse for the size of the building.
    - Very fitting of the tf2 aesthetic
    Well made, fits the tf2 style nicely but it doesn't have that special something to bring it to the next level.
    I want to give this a 4 however, there are fair bits that prevents this entry from getting a higher point. First, and most importantly is the lighting. The lighting is quite plain. The building has generic layout and it is mostly empty. This feels more like a part of a gameplay map where this sort of large open area is needed to facilitate free movements. Since this is a detail contest, that is not necessary and by leaving the main building mostly empty, you lost an opportunity to showcase your ability to detail. Almost 4, but a 3.
    dusktilldawn_waugh101: 3/5
    -Moonlight feels quite bright
    -Skybox seam is pretty noticeable
    -The wooden platform in front of the gates has concrete textures on the side?
    -Not much to say. It's not excellent, but it's not bad (in spite of the above issues, which are admittedly pretty minor).

    Da Spud Lord
    I love the farm theme in this entry, and the skybox is fantastic. The indoor areas feel just farm-y enough and I love the 3d skybox, it feels rather boxy as if the entire facility was confined in 1 area, just a little thing but the size constraints are obvious, I'll give this entry a 4
    Full potential reached with this theme. That spinning vent glinting in the moonlight bumped the score up for sure.
    Decent idea. Too well lit inside the building. 3d Skybox needed more detail.

    Messing Around:
    Loved your brush work very pretty all around.
    it's gorgeous, but unfortunately doesn't fit tf2
    the brushwork is beautiful, but it's all dev textures :( also no soundscape or skybox?
    This entry had some interesting concepts. However, the map did not feel like something in the TF2 world and was a tad barren in spots as well.
    This one has a great use of lighting. There are large windows to let the light in and I really think this works in the maps favor. I only wish you had finished texturing this, added a proper skybox, and added sound. The skybox is just a garden in a void, and the deafening silence breaks immersion. I do really like the architecture on this one. The chandeliers are especially cool being suspended by cables. This entry could have been one of the best, if only it was finished!
    i wish it was finished, wouldve rated much higher. huge potential. love the garden and environment outdoors, but obviously unfinished map is unfinished
    I can see the potential here, but a lack of props in the inside as well as it not being textured or finished obviously holds it back.
    This one confused me, and I'm not sure if I downloaded it incorrectly, even though I downloaded it more than once. It was fullbright and completely white for me. This might be on me, but the whole map was off. That being said, i really liked it either way. If it did have lighting and texturing, I'm sure it would be one of my top 5s. It was a creative idea many people wouldn't even think of, and it was quite well done too.
    Freyja or other staff: Don't count this vote as this entry was broken for me. No textures loaded and it was fullbright.
    I love the geometry and brushwork, but the dev textures, the lack of 3D skybox continuing the exterior plus wonky sky texture and sparse detailing outside the brushwork make it feel too unfinished to look good
    - The architecture is great, particularly the arched skylight and tiny details on the pillars.
    - Garden is pretty but I want to go out there and explore!
    - The sunlight leaking through the windows combined with all the shadows looks fantastic.
    - Shame that it isn’t textured, but I hope one day you feel randomly inspired to finish it because I think it would look great when it’s completed.
    The architecture is really impressive, with the high arches and complex pillars and the outside area looks really well done too, but that's about it. To me it doesn't quite feel like a library (had it not been for the bookshelves) and while I understand that using the flat textures was to create a simplistic/minimalistic feel it doesn't quite fit in the tf2 artstyle, a little too abstract (although I do like it personally).
    I feel like the whole submission could have been better had the building been used for something else.
    Fullbright. Geometry indicates that it looks nice with light.
    dusktilldawn_messingaround: 2/5
    -The outdoor area seems almost too well lit by the sun to be considered within the theme... I dunno. I'm on the fence, but I'm gonna be nice since this is unfinished.
    -The brushwork is super detailed and well done
    -The lighting indoors is pretty flat
    -Obviously not textured
    -Its a shame this wasn't finished, the brushwork was really cool and detailed. I hope to see this finished eventually.

    Da Spud Lord
    An artistic choice? I don't know if it's intentional but the entire map is grey and white and fullbright, intentional or not, I can't give this entry anything but a 1
    Really really lovely. Great brushwork, but the dearth of texture and floor props leaves me wanting; in addition the bookcases don't have lightmapping, unfortunately. I also think the second floor could use more content. But keep it up!
    Kinda missed the brief. Geometry is simple and was too plain in areas.


    Really cool Idea, I think it was a little ambitious for the source engine, really cool though.
    fantastic, but almost too little of it
    very small
    Good sense of theme and brush work. The map mostly felt like something out of TF2. Some minor details were a little strange, however.
    This entry doesn't really take advantage of the expansive bounds we were given. Thus, it comes off as underwhelming and uninteresting. The lighthouse is clearly supposed to be a piece of visual interest, perhaps even the focal point, but its too close to where the player stands and is oddly proportioned. Going into the water damages you and jitters your view so you can never get a good view of things. The building you can enter into is underwhelming and I don't think the lighting is particularly interesting either. Overall this entry is okay.
    i love the mood and ambiance, and the sky looks amazing. great moon, ship, and aurora. wonderful skybox work. nice detail that the water is cold enough to hurt. however the actual explorable region seems very bare and couldve used more props. very underwhelmed
    Lovely night time view with the moon skybox as well as the aurora and red light tower, however the beginning explorable area leaves a lot to be desired personally. It doesn't look bad, but you run out of things to appreciate pretty quickly as you walk around it.
    This detail was a good art piece. The red and white lighthouse really drew my eyes, and worked well as a pivotal center point. The outside world also seemed quite well made and the whole detail seemed solid. It still seemed a bit simple in bulky, but I'm sure that could be easily worked on to become more flowing.
    This would be good out of bounds detailing on a normal TF2 map, but as a detail entry, there just isn't enough here. Not only is it too small, but the space isn't considered at all. For instance, how did that truck get there? Why does this one room supply shack have a fireplace? How does that satellite dish turn without hitting the lighthouse or the trees?
    The simplicity combined with the atmosphere works fairly well, however the haphazard/unpolished nature of the prop placement and displacement usage mean the execution isn't as good as it could have been
    - Good amount of detail for the space, not too much or too little so it feels packed with stuff to look at without being overbearing.
    - Lots of different types of lighting which is interesting, although would have been nice if the light in the lighthouse was rotating. Skybox is pretty.
    - The cabin’s interior is a bit boring and those windows being used on the inside looks strange. Would have liked to see more done here.
    - A lot of space in the map is taken up by the water. I think you used the old size limits for this which I definitely wouldn’t mark down for, but if the coast line was moved further out into the water, you’d have more space to expand the playable areas. Maybe letting you add an interior for the other building, or a road for the truck leading away into the distance.
    I like this one a lot the one thing which had me a bit dissapointed was the fact that I couldn't enter the lighthouse building. Wouldn't have had to be much just a small room with some details would have been enough. With that being said I still really like it, nice touch to add damage to the water.
    Mediocre detail and a small map. There was not any ‘wow factor’ in this map. The closest thing to it is the moon and the ship but that’s all. The light from the windows is brighter than the actual light inside. The color is off too since the inside is lit with red light and a fireplace, rather than bright yellow lights. You could have explored more into the theme but this is quite basic.
    Only 1 of the red lights seems to blink.
    dusktilldawn_heronherald: 4/5
    -The speedboat has water on the inside
    -The map feels a bit too bright for nighttime
    -The white clouds in the skybox do not fit with the black clouds.
    -Skybox seam is well hidden
    -Skybox could be more detailed
    -The Northern Lights effect in the skybox is too faint to be noticeable; despite looking at the tower next to them, I didn't actually notice the lights themselves until I noclipped down to the skybox to get a better look at the tower.
    -Feels a bit small overall.
    -For the most part, it's pretty good though. I wish there was more, though.

    Da Spud Lord
    This is my entry, please undo this vote (Heron)
    Great atmosphere, good attention to detail, but I am left wanting more!
    Assuming this if for the snow base entry? I found it cramped and maybe a little too bright. I was an interesting idea though.
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  5. Freyja

    aa Freyja It hurt itself in it's confusion!

    Positive Ratings:
    Very nice.
    - doesn't feel like tf2
    - uninteresting location and theme, but detailed well
    also very small, and why do I keep hearing bells i'm scared
    Nicely done theming and lighting. The world does feel like something from TF2. There were a couple of places where the skybox seem could be seen.
    This map is a little confusing. I think I'm on the promenade deck of a ship? It almost looks like its supposed to be an ocean liner or cruise ship, but there is also cargo on deck so maybe not? The interior details and props inside the rooms are odd. I have no idea what there are supposed to be. The skybox is also entirely empty except for water and fog. There is a conduit that is flashing even though there is no bulb attached to it, which would have been an easy detail to add. I thought this entry was really bland and boring, honestly.
    very scattered/lack of cohesion, can't see any of the skybox. not fun to explore, not enough props. decent effort
    This map with your previous entry's sky view would have elevated this to being such a better map, however not being able to see anything interesting over the edge leaves this uninspired.
    I liked this maps theme. While simple, it worked. that being said, the fog was a bit high, and it made everything a bit too difficult to see when a bit too far away.
    I prefer this to the other one, in part because it seems more plausible. The brushwork deck chairs are well done. I don't really know where I am or what I'm doing, though. Is this a ship, or the underside of a pier somewhere? It kind of reminds me of the floating ocean stuff in Bioshock Infinite. Though this is better, I still think it's haphazard in the same way as your other entry. Some of the brush/flower props are too big for their containers, why is there a BBQ sign in the flower shop, what are these rooms with the couches/paintings? The vent in the starting room is too big, should have used the spytech ones like the other room. Although it looks nice, nothing about these spaces really make sense or indicate a place or reason for using them. The prop usage feels a little random. If these are rooms on a cruise ship, for example, they'd probably look the same--randomly different vents or wall colors wouldn't work.
    While the aesthetic is kinda nice, this one feels too simplistic with little interesting detailing, feeling more like a few cuboids with prop clutter than anything
    - Took me a while to realise what the map setting was, the combination of random rooms was a little confusing.
    - The deckchairs are cute
    - Would have preferred if there was less fog and there was something interesting out in the sea, like an island or something. The fog now is so close I could barely see the water
    This one doesn't feel as atmospheric and impactful as your other submission. It's well done over all but doesn't really feel as good, the (passenger?) rooms don't make much sense, a coffe machine and a tv, a couch and some paintings, it feels weird and out of place.
    This is better than your other entry but it still suffers from being a small map where the theme was not fully explored. It has more unique theme but it feels like a lot of things are missing. Having a path blocked by random junk on a huge ferry like this doesn’t make sense. I’m also not convinced as to how a flower shop can be in a ferry. The said flower shop feels empty too. It seems like a pretty niche product to sell even though people are more likely to buy than usual. Low 3 since I liked the theme. The execution of it is questionable. It would have been better if you spent more time making this rather than the other one.
    One blinking red light here, the description is applies to both entries at the same time.
    dusktilldawn_heronherald02: 2/5
    -For such a big boat, I'm disappointed I can't see more of it
    -The fog distance is kinda jarringly low
    -The two chairs stacked on each other facing opposite directions in the spawn room are noticeably clipping into each other
    -The lawn chairs are a bit uncanny; perhaps use different textures and/or make the brushes thinner
    -Overall, the area feels a bit small, and there's not much to see.
    -The bottom half of the "cash register" in the flower shop is sticking out behind the desk, which feels awkward
    -I'm genuinely between a 2 and a 3 here.

    Da Spud Lord
    Also my entry (Heron)
    Another great atmosphere, but I think you can fit more detail in, and I am also still wanting more map.
    Too well lit.. Not a realistic environment. No use of height.

    very cool ^-^
    - broken cubemaps
    - well detailed for the most part
    missing cubemaps, otherwise quite nice
    Nice use of the Spytech theme. Definitely felt like something out of a James Bond movie. The cliff work in the map itself was also well executed. Unfortunately, the lighting seemed unpolished, especially in the skybox.
    The first thing I noticed was that cubemaps were not built, so a lot of props have really bright reflections. Some areas of the map are really dark and would benefit from being lit up brighter. Some areas even lack fixtures entirely, like the room looking over the waterfall outside. The skybox looks decent, and each room looks like it has a purpose. I like the shapes of the 2 main rooms, curves are always a nice feature. The environment lighting is nice and its a nice feeling looking out over a cliff at a sunset. The lights on this entry are also missing sprites/glows.
    looks good, but feels sort of empty and underwhelming. sets an alright mood, decent little props. feels a little barebones, could've used more props and more exciting design
    Disappointing that we can't see the inner workings of the facility that MAKE it a hydro-electric facility. Feels like it's missing a lot that makes it feel like a real place.
    This entry was very easy on the eyes. The patching was very well done; this is because it was pleasant to look at, while getting my attention and steering me in the correct position. The skybox was also amazing me well done, and You managed to create cliff that I've seen veteran mappers have a difficult time on. overall, well done! I'd give this 4.5 bag of popcorn.
    A pretty good scene for the most part. The control area is nice, and I like the nook off to the side of the vista (by the data link). The lighting is mostly pretty. It's a bit too dim though, especially near the administrator desk; some props, like the computer console in the wall nearby, are basically unlit. The office areas are a little bare, and the stairs in the loading dock look awkward. Your added pipes look random rather than a considered detail, and near the Gate 2 door there are several computer cabinets just sitting away from the wall in a curve. Doesn't make a lot of sense. Wish the vista had more going on, like a town that would get wiped out if the dam broke. The raygun is... strange?
    The spytech aesthetic is well executed with nice geometry going on, but it feels a bit too rough around the edges; general care and focus would do well to make various bits of brushwork feel more natural instead of textured brushes, and small things like better skybox variation and the dirt road overlays being made seamless instead of overlapping
    - The big curved walls are interesting, and the waterfall makes a nice centrepiece.
    - The cliffs in the skybox look nice, although the dead straight river is a bit strange
    - I think spytech buildings like these rely heavily on their overall shape as the props can get repetitive and you’ve got the start of an interesting building here with the giant curves. But I feel it could have been developed further, either with office buildings/server rooms branching off, or on separate levels underground. If you made the whole building a bit more extreme by increasing the size of the waterfall so that you could view it through several windows on different floors going down, it would be more exciting to explore and you’d have more room to add things like server rooms or whatever.
    I't well made and nice in many ways but lacks that special something, also a few props are way too bright/shiny (pipes, fireaxtinguisher etc.)
    The uniform problem I see with people who made two entries is that they could have done a little more work on one entry to get a much higher score. This entry has a similar trend of feeling empty. Missing fog hurts the skybox scene which was supposed to be a main focus of the map. The waterfall right next to spawn is underwhelming. But it might have been comical to give it a more grand lighting since it is simply a waterfall. It is not a missile silo so having that many people and consoles to overlook the waterfall is already unusual. The reception desk is floating. Again, this map feels like a part of a playable map where the details are cut down for better gameplay. Either one of your entries would have received a 4 if you abandoned one and continued to work on the other.
    dusktilldawn_waugh101_2: 2/5
    -Some of the models are nearly or just completely white
    -The brushwork is a bit blocky and rough around the edges
    -The skybox lighting is a bit screwed
    -Even on some of the props that aren't totally screwed, the lighting is still off

    Da Spud Lord
    The cubemaps are not built, which detracts from this entry quite a lot, the spytech aspects make the map look pretty good regardless of cubemaps though. The waterfalls make no noise, which takes away some of the immersion, and there's a terrible lighting issue in the skybox. The deathpit is startling at least, I didn't know that was a death pit. I would have given it a 4, but since there are no cubemaps I'm giving this entry a 3
    Unfortunately the cubemaps were not built properly (I highly recommend Compilepal's automation for that), and I think there is more potential for this theme. It's cool, but I think you can pack more in.
    The 3D skybox was better than the first entry. Cubemaps werent built. This one did manage to feel like a larger playing area though.
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  6. Freyja

    aa Freyja It hurt itself in it's confusion!

    Positive Ratings:

    I really liked this, super pertty map and I enjoyed walking around it.
    - fps drops
    - too dark
    - rather boring theme
    - area that you can only find with fullbright and/or noclip
    I got spooked. Also, shit in the toilet.
    A very nice use of the farm theme. This map is really driven home by the little touches. For instance, the dust emotes work really well as stars and the train crossing blew me away. Some of the details didn't feel completely like something out of TF2, however.
    This map is pretty dark. I can't really see anything in the skybox as some areas are totally black. The roads themselves are completely pitch black; it doesn't even look like they are there. The rows of corn are perfectly straight and it looks artificial. The overhead lights have a weird light shaft effect that looks kind of ugly. I think the shape of the building is nice, but the rooms have no interesting brushwork; they are just plain boxes filled with props. The bulb in the back isn't casting any light and there are no sprites or glow effects. I do like how you connected the 2 gas pumps together in a seamless fashion.
    insane attention to detail, everything down to the alaskan pipeline in the toilet to the store inventory and office. working doors, respawning next to the truck, the shrine, the other barns. stunning moodsetting, map looks awesome and is super fun to explore. outstanding
    Amazing attention to detail and very good storytelling with both the props and the skybox. I love the secret pit in the corn maze, and the lighting and overall mood are absolutely fantastic. The only problem i have is with the corn being unnaturally uniform but there isn't really much you can do about that. Well done!
    The many details in the small gas station overwhelmed me when I first went through this submission. That being said, looking through some of the details individually, I can tell some must have taken quite a lot of equipment and logic knowledge. overall, the details could have used some good spacing, but the details were well made.
    I really like this! The outside is maybe too dark but that's alright, and I like that there's a house just out of sight. The beer bottle and chair by the telephone pole make me feel like I just missed someone. The way you did the DRILLER signs is really smart, as is the way you arranged items in the store. The hats, the food, etc. is all good. I like the TV and fan details, very clever. I like the crumbling ceiling, and the bell above the front door, and the way you used health and ammo as real world items. You did a great job selling this as a real space, and it's crammed full of items that make it fun to explore. I like the mushrooms on the stump. Although I like the far-off power line things with red lights, it's a little disappointing that most the boundaries are just corn. Maybe bringing the train line closer and having a train go by periodically would have made this a 5. It's just missing one thing that brings it to a 5.
    All the various small details really make this map, though it feels a little simplistic with the constant rows of crops and boxy interiors
    - Great use of sound throughout
    - The corn maze was an interesting addition, but it scared me :mad:
    - The use of lighting is ok but it feels a bit flat inside and there’s areas outside, particularly behind the gas station, where it’s too dark to see any of the detailing.
    - Lots of little things made it a fun map to explore. I’m glad you added the note about interactivity. Cool train.
    Really cool thing to have a mirror, the detailing feels beliveable and the skybox looks interesting. It does feel a bit dark outside though, I get that it's night time but some of the detailing outside can't even be seen (such as the wrecked van behind the gasstation or the phone on the post by the road).
    I think this entry is solid in terms of its level of detail, attention to detail and execution of the idea. A lot of the props seems to be there for a good reason. The convenience store has a lot of supplies, making it feel like a full-blown store. But there are some amateurish parts of the map which hurt the overall score. For example, the brush-based fan should have been replaced with model one. The doors feel weird walking through as it only opens in one direction. I’m not sure what the scarecrow area is meant to be in the context of this map. It feels like it was added as an afterthought. It was cool to walk through the corn field however. The fps dropped significantly with all the props in the store drawing at once. There is no soundscape in the map.
    dusktilldawn_scampi: 3/5
    -Outside the gas station is unimaginably dark; I can't even tell what's surrounding the gas station or what I'm bumping into!
    -Skybox is nice tho
    -There's a white lamp outside, but it doesn't seem to be casting light. Why not? All the other lights seem to be working... (Seems to be an HDR issue; TEST :clap: YOUR :clap: HDR :clap: )
    -The trapdoor over the ladder in the cornmaze seems a bit buggy, and actually entering the tunnel is tough...
    -Tiny drips wouldn't make as big of a splash as they're making in the small underground thing in the cornmaze
    -Only about half the candles in this area seem to be casting light...
    -I do like the mood set by this underground area, and the roots coming through the ceiling are a nice touch
    -The lights in the ladder tunnel aren't casting as much light on the tunnel walls as they are on themselves
    -The individual luxels on the wall and sidewalk that the truck's headlights are shining on are very noticeable
    -In fact, there are a few other areas where an increased lightmap scale would have helped a lot
    -The indoor rotating fan with little slips of paper waving in the wind is a really nice detail
    -The auto-opening doors are a bit fast and uncanny
    -The bathroom door has light shining through it even while closed, which is made really noticeable by the lack of light in the bathroom
    -The lightbulb in the bathroom glows despite not casting light
    -I like the hyperreflective mirror in the bathroom
    -The refrigerators/freezers in the back of the gas station store are quite bright on the white parts
    -Behind the gas station is incredibly dark; let me appreciate the detail back there! The flies on the dumpster are nice but I can't see them without going to fullbright!
    -The indoor area is quite nice
    -I'm between a 4 and a 3; I'm only leaning towards a 3 because the lighting could use some improvement.

    Da Spud Lord
    if this didnt lag so hard it would be a million times cooler. really.. interesting concepts
    I enjoy the gas station and all of it's little touches, tbh the corn maze was kinda creepy and the farm in the distance was really neat, but that bonfire is pretty big. I like the garage in the station, it has a bunch of neat details. I'll give it a 4
    Really really good, but I think the ambient needs to be bumped up. The corn is almost black.
    Corn doesn't look great. Some scaling issues. I had to noclip to find the hidden tunnel in the corn maze, thats a nice touch. The 3D skybox is not above or below the level geometry and looks bigger than allowed, its minor but might be a problem.


    very nice, the logic was a little jank, but I liked it.
    - the vehicles feel out of place
    - rather boring
    This entry had some very interesting touches. Namely, the model train set and the functioning traffic. The abandoned house was also very well done. That being said, the gas station's interior seemed a little too cluttered for TF2's impressionist aesthetic. The skybox was also strange looking in places.
    This entry is a little too dark. I had no idea I could even get into the house until my 3rd time loading up the map. The house is a really nice part of the map and is detailed very well. I think the gas station however, is not. It looks pretty good from the outside. On the inside it has beams and doorframes with misaligned textures. The shelves are immensely thick. I've never seen shelves that thick in my entire life. I had some missing textures on the models behind the counter. The point_spotlights on the outside hanging lights were about 16hu below the actual fixture, so it looks really awkward. The ones on the light poles weren't wide enough. The interior lighting has no glows or sprites. The brushwork for the buildings is really interesting unlike the other 2 gas station entries which were just boxes. The cars driving around are a cool feature but some of them float above the road, and its annoying that they kill you instantly upon touching the front.
    easily one of the best, insane attention to detail. train set, traffic laws, store stock. awesome job, love the mood set. the abandoned house next door was VERY well done and fun to explore. overall really well thought out and realized
    Fantastic cozy feeling inside of the gas station, entire map is very well lit, fun touch with the functioning train set, and the abandoned house and its distribution of piled up snow were fantastic. The only gripes I have with the map are the skybox not being fully realized to its potential as well as some clipping/floating issues with some trees in the nearby area.
    With this submission, I can tell the gimmick came before the rest of the map. The details were much to crammed in the small building, and overwhelmed me a lot. That being said, the moving cars was a cool addition, but should be just that. a small addition. Next time you try something like this, start with just one car. Make it a well done moving car. If you really think you can move on to another car, then you can start working on it.
    Outside of the gas station is nice, I especially like the roof over the pumps, but it's too dark and the big sign isn't lit up. Moving cars is a nice touch! But it looks like they're floating. The road also seems to cut off, and a few trees are definitely up in the air. The stoplights are neat, but look a bit off. The inside of the gas station is underdeveloped and weird. What is that model of? The ceiling fans cast light from their stem, so the shadows are wrong. The ruined house is a very cool idea! But I wish there was more ambient lighting so I could actually see it.
    The detailing itself is very nicely done, especially the house section, however if all feels kinda clunky and cluttered as a whole and not given the polish needed to make it look like a quality final work - floating props, uneven lighting, texture issues, the skybox, etc.
    - The moving cars are really cool, albeit full of ruthless killers who don’t stop when they run someone over. I wish they had headlights on though, that would have been a nice way to get some dynamic lighting in.
    - A lot of things inside feel too big for the space making the whole building feel underscaled. Like the shelves are really chunky and the case around the model train set is giant too.
    - The abandoned house is a bit random, but I like it. I think you did the snow and broken bits of wall well, particularly in the places where you can see the insulation poking through. Some more interesting lighting here would have been nice as pretty much every room is lit the same, so it ends up looking a bit flat. The shadows on the stairs are a nice exception to this.
    I feel like it's a bit dark (I had a hard time noticing the wrecked house) this could just be my monitor being a bit dark though. Over all it's a nice entry, the skybox sells teh effect of a larger world beyond what is reachable and the cars are a nice touch although they are floating a bit above the ground, also one ran a red light.
    I think it could use some more sound to make it feel mroe realistic, also there are a few missing textures inside.
    Third oil station in the contest so far. I will try my best to not simply compare each other. I think the store has its unique take of it being more of a bar than a simple store. The garage area is almost overdetailed but not really, so the level of detail is pretty good. But you could have reduced it a little and it would have been better. But where this entry really shines are the abandoned house and the road (which is ironic since those are dark) I liked seeing cars passing by and even stopping for another. You managed to make the destruction of the house so well by only using brushwork. The lighting was not as dark as I thought on the inside but it was still quite creepy for a place in tf2. The flickering streetlight was cleverly placed to lead the players to the entrance of the house. Most of the improvements should be dedicated to the gas station where there were some visual clutter that could be removed, especially in the garage area. The lighting outside did not feel very dynamic despite having a contrast of dark area and the station. This is possibly because the exterior of the station was mostly unlit.
    The skybox seams are really obvious and you have faint lighting artifacts in the wooden house.
    dusktilldawn_monoko: 4/5
    -I appreciate the attempts to create real driving cars, but I just don't think it works; the cars accelerate and decellerate instantly; the cars are either self-driving or are being driven by ghosts; the tires don't rotate with the vehicles turning. Occasionally, the cars sort of break: at one point, a vehicle stopped in the middle of the intersection because the light changed while it was moving through the intersection.
    -How is there snow inside the broken-down building? I get that it's broken down, and things like snow pouring in through the window make sense, but how has snow gotten inside it in places where the ceiling and walls are still entirely intact, such as the staircase?
    -Use of high lightmap resolution is appreciated.
    -There are some places where the brushwork is phenomenal (broken-down building, gas station counter), and others where the brushwork is uncanny (shelves in the gas station store, the garage door from cp_well)
    -The fans in the gas station should have dynamic shadows disabled
    -The point_spotlight shining from the gas station's overhang don't vertically line up with the light prop
    -There's some nice detailing behind the gas station, but how was I supposed to get there?

    Da Spud Lord
    I enjoyed the gas station in this entry, it was a bit chunky with brushwork and there was a missing model texture but hey things happen, the spooky house was a nice touch and it actually had a really eerie atmosphere and it was honestly creepy. The cars and stop lights are really neat, but the cars are floating slightly and I think they go too slow to kill you. I would give it a 4, but some of the flaws bring it down to a 3
    Awesome. Would have been a 5 if not for strange interior texture surfaces/alignment and store lighting.
    Not executed well. Night is good but scaling a technical detail is lacking. I tried to noclip to check things out but got killed in the sky. The cars driving around was a nice touch but I felt they could have been done better.
  7. Freyja

    aa Freyja It hurt itself in it's confusion!

    Positive Ratings:

    Very cool, it was fun walking around the map and finding all the interweving paths, could make a fun prop hunt map with some work. ^-^
    - many areas don't feel realistic, in a gameplay sense
    - buildings seem out of place with the surroundings
    - interior walls too flat, could use more support beams and other details
    This detail entry could definitely use some more...detail... but it's very tf2 so you get a point for that
    This entry had an interesting layout and nice areas of detail. Very impressive. Unfortunately, it seems to me that the level of detail took a hit due to the sheer size and complexity of the map. A lot of areas were quite bare. The skybox was also pretty empty and perhaps a little unpolished.
    The map makes great use of the allotted space. It feels like part of a large mining facility and has a lot of height variation. The skybox texture and environment lighting are really nice and warm. I feel like the lights placed around the map could be better though. There's this weird boxy light-shaft thing that you use on your fluorescent lights, and I feel like it looks too artificial and jarring. Its best used in a subtle way, not everywhere on the map and as bright as it is. On the various light poles around the map, your point_spotlights are too narrow for the cone that is emitting the light. Most light fixtures don't have any effects like sprites or lightglows. The various buildings on the map are very sparsely detailed both on the inside and the outside. I think more attention to detail would have made this entry better. The skybox has weird purple fog that looks unnatural and doesn't blend into the skybox texture. It should try to match the orange on the horizon. Other than that, I think its an okay entry.
    nice map, really good layout, good skybox. plays and feels very comfortably. wish there was more art (posters, props, etc), would easily bump it up to a 5. layout and planning seems awesome. just needs a little more attention to detail
    Fantastic layout and could genuinely be a fun map to play on for DM modes or Saxton Hale, however lots of rooms lack props and personality.
    This entry is over scaled, especially in the outer world, but also had this warm feeling in it. I'd say this map could defiantly have been very homely feeling, if it didst have so much space between each sculpture. each building. each detail.
    Really cool how deep you went, but unfortunately the detailing is really barebones, and a lot of the above-ground stuff is blocky or underdone, like near the truck, where the dirt goes straight into concrete with no fade or dirt overlays (how did that truck get there also). The displacement work is really nice! But there's just a lot of it. About half as much with richer detail or something to do would have been great. As it was, I got bored looking at the same windy caves over and over. Also your secret room is in very poor taste.
    I can appreciate the quantity of content, but it all seems pretty flat and sparsely detailed making it feel really unfinished and undetailed
    - Good use of the space, having lots of different levels meant you could fit a lot of map into the size limit.
    - A lot of the buildings however are empty or have the same handful of props put in the corners. Might have been better to have fewer more interesting buildings that many simple ones. The same goes for the exteriors where they all have fairly plain walls.
    - The mine is cool, I like how it winds around itself so much. I can imagine it took some time getting all those displacements together.
    - The mine kind of has the same thing as the buildings of being too bland though. It’s not as big of a deal here because I get that it’s a mine and tunnels with beams and lanterns are what mines look like. But I feel like there needs to be something more interesting to look at when walking through. You have the start of some interesting areas that break it up, like the elevator bit and the spiral platform bit. But the map overall feels incomplete to me.
    lots to explore which I like.
    What I meant when I left feedback saying that it needs more space to explore for other entries, I did not mean having more of the same empty corridors. I meant more areas that was detailed on similar level as the existing parts of the entry. You should have focused on making good looking parts. The rock texture is very repetitive since it has small texture scale. The buildings are all very empty and it has a similar level of detail as mvm_decoy. The size of this map warrants this map a 2 rather than 1 but if you invested the same amount of time to detail, it could have been much higher. Have a focus since this map does not really have one.
    The godrays in the starting area feel forced, the buildings could use details to break up the walls. The rock walls and far away scenery textures also tile a lot.
    dusktildawn_yoshimario: 3/5
    -Lights in the spytech building desperately need higher lightmap resolution; Minecraft has more detailed lighting than this!
    -(Ok not literally but u get the point)
    -Why is the brick building's wall with the outdoor wooden staircase so squiggly?
    -Elevator's a bit confusing; I stepped into it to ride it up, shot what I thought was the button, nothing happened so I escaped out of TF2 to write feedback about that, and when I went back to the game I couldn't leave the elevator shaft... Until I noclipped out and found the elevator platform was sitting on my head. Add an elevator door or something to indicate that the elevator isn't here. Not a major issue, but worth noting nonetheless.
    -The skybox has very little detail; the displacements seem to be hardly displaced and the ones that are just look like you used the noise filter and left it as that.
    -In fact, even the displacements within the playable space are pretty lacking. An over-reliance on subdivide is very evident, and again, some displacements don't even look displaced.
    -The architecture and buildings are all well-made, but many of them feel empty; like you made a wide, expansive map and didn't know what to put in it. Very few of the buildings feel like they serve a purpose.
    -How did the shipping crates get on the roof of the brick building? How were they stacked? The one indoor crane doesn't seem suited for putting shipping crates on the roof by itself and there's no other machinery to indicate how they were moved from the crane to the roof. It's not like you can lift these things with a forklift (not that there is any evidence of a forklift anywhere on the map)... I likely wouldn't notice this if the map had more detail in it, but when there's so little to look at, minor things like that become much more noticeable. If you're relying on simplicity to sell your map, you need to put extra thought into the few details you do have.
    -Some of the buildings don't have doors in them; how do you get inside them? Through the caves? I didn't see any caves that might go to any of the buildings... One of the buildings that lacks doors is partially in the skybox; do you have to go outside of the fence to get inside the building? What's the purpose of that? Seems counter-intuitive...
    -The tire tracks in the skybox are absolutely screwed...

    Da Spud Lord
    It's pretty big
    Overall, the walls and buildings feels very bare with little detail. I enjoy the general theme and concept, but the upper area feels almost uninteresting. The caves are pretty maze-y, and the soundscape isn't really a cave soundscape. I like the cave aesthetic, but they're hard to navigate since they're kind of confusing. The elevator is a neat concept, but it doesnt feel like an elevator, it feels like a moving platform. I'll give this entry a 3
    Looks neat, and like a playable map. I think you should make this a pl_!
    Too much like a game level rather than an environment designed to hit the brief.. The use of displacements was good. The env lighting met the brief. Overall it needed little details and points of interest.


    this was epic for the time you spent on it, would of been so amazing if you worked longer on this theme and I think would of been up there with idolon, ailurus and da spud lord for me. :)
    - spooky and grim, nice
    - the interior is the only attention drawing element
    very spook
    This entry has a great sense of theme and fun details, such as the alligator-ridden water and the potion giving crits. That being said, it doesn't feel entirely like a TF2 map and one or two of the tree cards had messed up lighting.
    This is mine
    Despite this entry being a quick one for the hell of it, its actually quite nice. I think the skybox detailing is really nice and gives the illusion of this being quite a large setting. There are a few props that don't have the fog effect, and I honestly don't know what that is since it looks like you have fog on both the environment lighting and the skybox. I think the shape of the displacements is really good. The witch's house looks really good. The interior details are nice and the green lighting is perfect for the theme. I wish the roofs were displacements though, so you could mold them into a dilapidated condition. The small spots of light created outside by random placement of lanterns creates visual interest and helps break up the monotony. I only wish this map had more time put into it, I really think it could have been great! I have few complaints and I'm pretty impressed with what you made in such a short time.
    really great ambiance and skybox, mood is set very well. alligator in the swamp, mountain in the distance, witch's cauldron. ladder to the top bunker is great. attention to detail is lovely. wish there was a bit more to see, a bit small and cramped.
    Very consistently fun to walk around on and look at, great lighting and a fun touch to make the witch's cauldron give you crits. The alligators gave me a surprise while exploring, however there's nothing particularly striking that grabs your attention immediately. A focal point that brings everything together would benefit this map a lot.
    I really liked the concept of this map, and it was quite well executed. I don't have much else to say besides i really liked the shape of the Witch house.
    A really cool idea, and in the scope of this contest, very original (though I am not giving points for originality, sorry). I love the shack. The stilts, the lighting, the cracks in the walls, the little bed in the loft: all great. I also really like the stair walkways leading up to it, those are wonderful. What held this back from a 5 from me was that there's nothing else to see or do. Would have been nice if the surrounding swamp had a bit more going on. There's also a black skycard across the buoys, which is unfortunate. But overall this is so much better than your other entry.
    Really nailed the theme here on all fronts, though the nature stuff is a mite repetitive and the building could probably be made a little less plain in construction and brushwork
    - Realistic looking terrain and all the foliage looks great. The forest feels much bigger than it actually is.
    - House is a cute shape and good amount of prop detailing inside.
    - I like how the green glow can be seen through the boards before you get into the house. Makes you want to go investigate. The whole cauldron room is fun, with all the different coloured glowing lights. minicrits wowee
    - It’s a bit strange that there’s such a giant hole in the second floor, I feel like you could have fitted more stuff on that floor without it.
    - I think there’s room on the opposite side of the lake from spawn to add something. Like a small dock maybe?
    - Not sure what the trick for the fog was in front of the skycards, but there was a gap in it making one of the cards completely black which stood out, ruining the illusion a bit.
    - Crocodiles
    This one is cool, I like how you can see the green light through the cracks in the wall, the crit effect is a nice detail and the sounds do a good job at setting the mood. Perhaps the skybox could have been a bit more interesting, also the skulls by the spawn are floating.
    An atmospheric entry. I like the wild color scheme inside the house. The path towards the house was nice too with small lights to guide the players. Using tire for outhouse is clever use of prop. The exterior of the house could use more work as it is mostly made out of two textures. This gave the house an incomplete look. Same with other people who made two entries, if you worked on this more instead of the other one, and improved the surroundings and the exterior, this would have easily scored a 4. But right now, it feels incomplete. The interior of the house on the other hand feels complete with fun witchcraft details and usual furnitures to imply the owner’s life outside of potion-making. Solid entry but more detail desired.
    Very defined color scheme.
    dusktilldawn_mikroscopic_2: 3/5
    -The outhouse seat doesn't have a hole for the doodoo to go into...
    -The skycards are too close to the playable space, so its obvious they're skycards and not actual trees. There's no sense of depth to the skybox; I don't feel like there's a larger world.
    -Aw man, I love the lighting around the cauldron. And the effects. That's neat. Although personally I would've given the player poison if they stepped in the cauldron, or maybe jarate, but not crits... Personally I think that's an odd choice, but I can't justify it objectively so I won't count that towards the score.
    -Walls could've used a higher lightmap score, though...
    -I like the cauldron area, but everything else is just "pretty good" at best... And when you combine that with the weak skybox, I can't say I'm too impressed here.

    Da Spud Lord
    What an entry! I love the witch house and the general halloween theme, and the little touch that you get mini-crits after you jump into the potion is an amazing tiny detail that makes me love this entry even more. One of the skycards have wonky lighting which breaks the immersion a bit but that's a little thing. I like the twisted trees and vines, and I love that mapgyver bed, what an entry! I'll give it a 5
    Supremely perfect and caught me right in the middle of big appreciation for the Abyss Watchers in Dark Souls 3 (swamp castle). I think you detailed everything to the right density and it's pretty great. Maybe add a secret dungeon thing?
    Only one of two entries Im awarding a 5 to. I really liked this environment. It was interesting without being overcooked. It felt like part of a larger place.

    I think the only things missing was a coffin rowboat in the water and I kept waiting for the Voodoo Lady of Meelee Island™️ to appear.

    Well done.

    I really like this map, super fun to walk around and the sky box is actually something shot of amazing I think I would of given you a 4 if it was not late, really beautiful though. :)
    - broken cubemaps
    - very well detailed and fitting for tf2
    no cubemaps, crashed my game when I touched a box. with those fixed, i would give this a 5
    This entry has some fantastic work. Excellent skybox work and the Spytech facility blew me away. I can definitely feel the Firewatch influence on the above ground area, but not at all in a negative way. There were also some fun details, such as the BLU briefcases and the rocket silo lining up with a presumably fake rock. The only real nitpick I have would be that a few corridors felt a little cramped, although admittedly this may be intentional, and the skybox seam was pretty obvious.
    There is a lot that I love about this entry. The skybox detail is amazing, the lighting is great almost everywhere on the map, and it has a lot of storytelling. I really love the brushwork that went into the watchtower. Its easily the best part of the map. The brushwork mountains look surprisingly good. Every area is packed with detail and looks superb. However, there are a lot of problems. There were no cubemaps present on the map so nearly everything was shiny. Some props were not lit appropriately so they are entirely black. There is a noticeable transition where the skybox begins. There is no soundscape at the spawn point for the player. This map felt a little OVER detailed if I'm being honest. There were a lot of props crammed in and I think it would have benefited from some breathing room. If this map had time put into working out its kinks and building proper cubemaps, it would have been the best entry. Unfortunately I have to bump it down to 4 which is really sad.
    excellent attention to detail, well-crafted and laid out. bunker is amazing, greatly detailed and planned. firewatch-esque tower is adorable and well-detailed, and the skybox is breathtaking. amazing
    Amazing skybox on the upper section, amazing attention to detail in almost every room both above and below. Absolutely blown away by this map. Hard to find anything to dislike! Amazing work.
    It was a bit difficult to navigate, and there didnt seem to be a path that lead me in anyway. besides that, pretty nicely made.
    I really like this! I thought at first it was just a Firewatch map... then I went below. First the problems: outside, you can clearly see where the skybox and playable area connect, because the lighting doesn't match. And the clipping above ground is really bad. When you go downstairs, there are some degenerate brush faces at the reception area, and all the door triggers are really finnicky and often were hard to use. That said, it's all gorgeous. Outside is stunning. I've docked people points for reusing skycards in other entries, but you use it well because you actually vary the heights, distances, etc, and create other faraway mountains. And the spytech is stunning. You got some really old props in here. Those switchboards with the stool I haven't seen in years! The displacement work is great, as is the attention to detail. Trims, fire extinguishers, all the lights on edges and near computers... amazing. Your pipes and ducts are great, and I like the round service tunnel at the bottom. For some reason, jumping onto the platform with the crate makes me crash - I am guessing a bad physics calculation. This would be overdetailed for a TF2 map, but as a detail entry it's amazing. It's a convincing single player experience. Very well done.
    Great gemoetry and execution of the exterior and spytech themes, my main critisms would be that the lighting has a few issues plus the interior displacements don't feel all that natural making them look fairly out of place
    - Really made good use of the size limit for the skybox, it’s looks great. Tree #8412 clips into the rock a bit too much though :/ i joke
    - Very abrupt skybox transition, could have been hidden better.
    - I really like the rock pile/hill that the watchtower is perched on, looks very natural.
    - Inside the watchtower is really dark for me, both ldr and hdr. Made it hard to see most of the details inside, it could have be lit better. There’s a few places underground with weird lighting issues/missing cubemaps? Trying to build cubemaps myself crashed my game though.
    - Spytech area is well made. The different shaped rooms and use of props made it stand out from most spytech bases which often end up looking samey.
    - Overall it’s all very pretty and well designed, but it’s a shame it has the lighting issues. I hope that you can get them sorted and release a fixed version because I think it’s a great showcase of tf2’s artstyle.
    A few things that I don't like /could be improved are the seam between the grass and displacement rocks looks unnatural same can be said about where the skybox starts.
    There are multiple things that look way to bright/shiny when I'm using my "high graphics" exec with normal gameplay graphics (most things on lowest) it looks fine, don't know what exactly causes it but something does (this isn't the only submission that has had this problem). Also I crashes every time when I reach the (train?) tracks and get too close to the boxes on the right side.
    Other then that I really do like this submission especially the skybox and the shower room stands out to me.
    Firewatch with a twist. Tf2 crashed when I touched the box that was on the platform next to a circular door. But this should not be something detrimental to the score. It does make me wonder what might have caused it. Very detailed. Feels like there’s always more even as I’m exploring the facility. Something to improve on should be the theme of the spytech itself. Like I see a lot of ‘stuff’ in the facility but I’m not sure what the whole facility is for. Is it a rocket base? Is it a missile base? It’s a bit vague.
    dusktilldawn_bsp: 3/5
    -The outdoors is incredibly bright for a duskdawn contest
    -Some of the brush faces in the spytech area are entirely black (both HDR and LDR)
    -The cubemaps are entirely fucked; you didn't build cubemaps (Only a problem in HDR)
    -High lightmap resolution is appreciated, but could still be higher in certain places
    -Some of the whites are too bright
    -Some props are just completely or half-white (probably related to your cubemaps issue)
    -Some of the lights in and near the resupply area are only casting light on props (both HDR and LDR)
    -The showers are nice
    -Very noticable skybox seam
    -The skybox is very well-made
    -The map sometimes crashes TF2 entirely
    -The brushwork and lighting would make this map worthy of a 5 if numerous things weren't broken and the map was actually duskdawn

    Da Spud Lord
    holy shit thats a lot of trees. skybox to real map is obvious. cubemaps are missing in a lot of places. interesting ideas though
    The skybox is fantastic on this map, it really feels like you're in the middle of nowhere, the skybox transition is a bit obvious at ground level, and cubemaps are unfortunately not built. The tower itself feels really cluttered, it's hard to move around without jumping. I didn't like the door opening by itself, I think just an open door would have worked just fine. I would have given it a 4, but the lack of cubemaps bumps it down to a 3
    Super! Would have been a 5 if not for lighting bugs and terrible doors (never use open on touch for rotating doors).
    Nice use of height but too bright. Hid from the brief rather than embracing it by placing 80% of the map underground. Cubemaps?
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    aa Freyja It hurt itself in it's confusion!

    Positive Ratings:
    That should be everyone's feedback. Control-F to find your name.

    Please let me know if something in anyone's feedback is broken or missing, my script struggled with the sheer amount of feedback you guys gave.

    Sorry for the delay in getting this to you guys, I've no real excuse except I've been busy at work. I hope you will forgive me.
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    So the opposite of the Back to Basics contest...