detailing contest

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  1. F

    hotandcold_fiend v1

    Cold, but with a bit of cozy warm. If you want to see the result of over-ambition, lack of experience, and a month of procrastination, you've come to the right place! NOTE: custom water DOES NOT have a DX8 fallback! I do not know how this will look on DX8 but it might just be an error! Also...
  2. a freakin' knight

    hotandcold_a_freakin_knight rc1

    Your longing is never ending, you will go to lengths which can never be returned in order to from to satisfy it. But it will be worth it. May your journey overflow with curses and blessings. hhnnggghhh it's so late, I'm so sleepy, I didn't have time to check the final compile for issues so if...
  3. August101

    hotandcold_august101 a2

    "Welcome to ice-cream factory owned by a company on a sign on a random map (doomsday?)" !!MUST ENABLE COLOR CORRECTION [in video > advanced] FOR MAXIMUM EFFECT!! My entry for the Hot & Cold contest entry Custom assets used: Diva Dan's Ice Pack 2 Custom models and 3 Custom overlays made for...
  4. Phe

    hotandcold_phe final

    Somewhere on a ice cold desert night theres a looming fire... It technicly falls under both hot AND cold because deserts can be icecold at night, but the main focus is hot.
  5. Pdan4

    In-and-Out Detailing 2021 - Pdan4's Entry - Early Shift 001t

    Thanks to @Krazyzark for their cars pack! Huge thanks to @FloofCollie the frogchamp for finding out how to avert the silent crash! Unfortunately I did not have the time to finish this map entirely. Exterior: 80% complete. Interior: 30% complete...
  6. olikat

    inandout_olikat 2021-09-12

    Entry for the 2021 In and Out Detailing Contest Visit the "famous" Mann Co. Diner. Custom content credits: - London Pack - Frontline Pack - Overgrown Prop Pack/ Pear, Crash - Diner Pack/ FGD5 - Jukebox/ SiniStarR - Bonk Machine/ boomsta
  7. Scampi

    Dusk till Dawn Scampi fix

    A gas station deep within the cornfields of rural America. Many items can be interacted with in some way, and exploration is encouraged! If you want to fly around, do so with noclip, not spectator. I'm posting it here so that the HUGE list of custom asset credits I'm going to add here later...
  8. Freyja

    Dusk till Dawn - Detailing Contest 2019.

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="/styles/font/CaviarDreams.css?t=1">Dusk till Dawn Detailing Contest Rules and Information | Upload Thread | Voting Instructions It's that time of year yet yet yet again, where you bust out your creativity, break free of the constraints of "layout," "sightlines,"...