Decompiled map not showing entity name in hammer

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    I am looking at a decompiled version of a map in hammer. There is a number of brushes that have been combined under and into a func_brush. The combination of the brushes together is causing the exploding teleporters issue seen in this thread:

    The brushes are trigger activated - but when I look at the func_brush hammer in entity there's no name on it and if I do alt+P I get a lot of broken trigger errors that are attributed to the missing name but If I go to the broken trigger there is nothing there in the ouputs tab.

    Question - is there a way of breaking up this brush into it's separate compnents using entspy or in hammer while still retaining all the coding of that func_brush?

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    As far as I'm aware holding ctrl+shift+w will return a brush to being a world brush, but it loses all of its special properties. Sounds like this error is mainly just because it's a decompiled .vmf you're working with, so I don't know if there's an easy fix other than to remake it in hammer.
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