custom skybox texture ???

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    I decided to go ahead and give it a shot at making a custom skybox texture. I can't find any tuts on making the texture itself.

    Help ???

    I looked in vtfedit and seems the stock skyboxes have 6 vtf files. Why? Do I need that many also?

    I read this at valve but not sure what all the variations are for and how is it that they go together? I mean, do I just make something different for each one or do they need to be seamless or what???

    Prepare your TGA files (i.e. skynameBK.tga, skynameFT.tga, skynameUP.tga, skynameDN.tga, skynameRT.tga, skynameLF.tga)
    Convert the TGA images to VTF (this will create a $SKYNAME.txt which you will later edit then rename to $SKYNAME.vmt)
    After conversion, open the .txt and add:
    // Original shader: BaseTexture
    "$basetexture" "skybox/$SKYNAME"
    // stops error: "Can't load skybox file skybox/(skyboxname) to build the default cubemap!"
    "$hdrbasetexture" "skybox/$SKYNAME"
    "$nofog" "1"
    "$ignorez" "1"
    For each file, append the appropriate image tag to the sky name (i.e. bk, ft, rt, lf, up, dn)
    Rename the .txt files to .vmt
    Now go into your mod's materials folder and create the folder skybox.
    Copy your new VTF and VMT files into the skybox folder.
    In Hammer, go to Map > Map Properties > Skybox Texture Name and type in your skyname, without the side tags.
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    Yes, they need to be seamless, 6 pictures for the 6 sides of a box. (Viewed from the inside)

    It's pretty easy, what kind of skybox do you want to make? If you're looking for a relestic one, I would susgest a program like terragen, you can use it to render the views for a skybox.

    However for TF2 I would susgest painting your own one to get that stylized look.

    You don't really need anything for the bottom picture, since no-one should ever see it, just make it own plain colour.
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    I'm getting pretty good results from making a skybox in Terragen and then painting over it with Photoshop. My previous done-from-scratch skybox didn't factor in the curves at the corners of the skybox and ended up looking funny. Terragen helped me out a lot.
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