PL Coyote A19

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Doctorate in Deliciousness
Mar 31, 2012
Hotfix because I didn't compile LDR.

I switched to CompilePal instead of Hammer's regular compiler to make packing assets easier, and apparently the HDR configuration in CompilePal isn't the same as the one with the exact same name in Hammer. HDR in CompilePal means just HDR. Live and learn.

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Yup, be sure to use full both in compilepal :D


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Jun 24, 2017
Changelog summary:

- I initially wrote off the way Red was able to hold A in one of the B2B tests, but a recent Imp showed me A is too easy to hold when Red turtles on the cliff instead of the shelf. I changed the way sightlines are blocked on the right side of the map and opened up the cliff.

  • Most of the B left flank was redesigned to keep Red out and give Red less of an advantage for pushing up super far. Removed the weird shutter thing on the roof too.
  • Blu always holds from the left room on Last when the right is where all the good routes are. I'm not sure why this is, whether it's because Blu is confused or the routes into the flank are just useless. So I tried a few things.
  • Revamped most of the lighting on the map, inside and outside.
  • Detailed some more of A and started on some of its displacements
  • The usual miscellaneous bug fixes, clarity changes, and aesthetic improvements.

The only time Red was able to hold A during the B2B tests, it was because they turtled on the cliff rather than the platform provided for the same purpose. I initially wrote it off as a fluke of the team balance, but after a recent imp, realized it was a bigger problem than I'd initially hoped. VSCO girls and their metal straws be damned, we're coming after the turtles.

The issue I face is that the height of the train bridge necessitates that Blu's route up to the cliff be from the lowground, as opposed to a map like Badwater. So combined with the length of the bridge putting the concrete bit in the place it is, and the decisions I already made about A, I decided to route the right flank into and out of the shack. Initially I thought Red would have a hard time holding this door because it would mean abandoning the rest of A, but that wasn't the case. It might have been when the dropdown was still in place, but that caused its own problems.

  • Removed the fence from the right side of the flank
  • Moved the fence along the right side to make the A courtyard bigger
  • Removed a barrier whose job was already being done by a crate from the cover in the middle of A to declutter
  • Added a tall rock to block sightlines from the cliff to Blu's diagonal spawn exit
  • Moved the door to the porch to block a new sightline
  • Added a window to the wall because it looked nice
  • Extended the porch to accommodate the new doorway position
  • Removed the staircase to the shelf Red is meant to hold from. This is to accomodate Blu's left route into B while also giving Red engies less free real estate.
Now it's the left B flank's turn to get the right Last flank's treatment in A18. It's the only remaining part of the map whose layout changes when the cart reaches a largely unmarked point on the track, and the problem of Red being able to use it too easily never went away in A18.

The last unknown at this point is whether opening up the roof from the beginning is actually a good idea. In very early versions, it let Blu get way behind Red before Red had an opportunity to set up on the roof. Checkpoint B on Badwater sometimes has a similar problem in Casual Mode. We'll never know if we don't test it though, right?
  • Cut off the staircase left of A from the room the building the cart goes through. It's just for Blu to access the B flank now
  • Removed an overlay pointing to the former staircase to Red's shelf on A
  • Added a Blue arrow sign that appears once A is captured to point players to the newly-opened flank and closes when B is captured.
  • Removed an arrow overlay pointing players around a wall in the B flank
  • Redesigned the stairs up to the roof over B to give Blu as much cover as possible coming up. The slope of the stairs lets Blu partially commit, like the stairs on Badwater B. They can, however, be held by a Red player who doesn't mind leaving the roof to the rest of the team.
  • Removed the fuse box, conduits, wires, and the bell that previously (however poorly) communicated the door to the roof had opened. (Probably could have been done better with an overlay?)
  • Reduced Red's respawn wave time for the 10 seconds after A is captured from XXs to 3s and, like Barnblitz, respawn Red's dead players as soon as A is captured.

For some reason, in every test Blu makes it to Last, Blu always tries to hold and push from the left side of the flank. That is to say, the small room Red rolls out to C through. That was never the intent, it's meant to be just a small room for the aforementioned purpose, and for giving Blu other routes into the real right flank. I'm not sure exactly why they're making this mistake, but I'll do my best to solve it.
  • Removed the health from the room
  • Removed one of the doorframes from the connector to the stairwell room
  • Removed the fences in front of the door to the connector
  • Removed the lower door to the bottom of the staircase in the choke, as it was no different from the doors to the basement.
  • Added a new door to the middle of the choke, connecting to the middle of the stairwell
  • Removed the arrow pointing to the left flank
  • Moved the arrow in the room to a different wall, pointing away from the catwalk
  • Added a, "Conserve energy" hand to the elbow from the left room to the catwalk, as a subtle way to say, it's going to be easier if you use the real flank.
  • Added several "capture point" arrows, because they seem more important than the ones in the circles.
Finally started fresh on the lighting! Brand new colored spotlights, light props, and light effects. So much better than my boring, flat pure white phantom lights.

Miscellaneous Changes
  • Clipped off the edge of a rooftop above A that I noticed, but players thankfully did not.
  • Fixed two visible NoDraws in Blu's first spawn
  • Did a better lighting pass over Blu's first spawn
  • Lowered the doorframe on the choke to prevent snipers from abusing the high doorframe
  • Added a, "watch your step" sign to the catwalk over Last, because apparently some of you can't help but throw yourselves off ledges and need a thematically-appropriate reminder not to. I need to bring my map up to OSHA safety standards so I don't have a lawsuit on my hands.
  • Fixed some unsewn displacements on the cliff near A
  • Fixed a place where the func_respawnroom for Red's first spawn clipped into the connector below it
  • Fixed a place the doors of one of Blu's resupply cabinets clipped with a crate
  • Changed the the texture of the room outside Blu's first spawn that isn't part of the spawn
  • Fixed an unclipped roof above the gate to the trestle bridge
  • Fixed an unclipped roof near C that a sign moves away into
  • Baby-proofed a number of sharp edges with clip brushes
  • Fixed a number of unclipped cliff edges

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