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    This is the first public release of the map CP_Centrifuge (version 0.8 (previous versions had been limited to close friends and bots)). In Centrifuge, each team must first capture the two outer points, before moving on to the center point and finally capping the opposing team's home point. Even if a team has captured the middle point, if they lose one of the outer points, they can no longer capture the enemy's home point. Standing on a point whilst it cannot be captured will take anybody standing on it to the other floor on the map. Perfect for a surprise attack. Warning, any harm caused by the entering of limbs and extremities into the centrifuge or by falling into the not quiet bottomless black pit is through nobody's fault but your own.
    The floor lights guide you to the next point that you can capture, so if you don't know where to go, follow your team lights.
    This is the first map I've ever made for TF2 (or for any game, for that matter), so all comments/feedback/constructive criticism is welcome.
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    Everything looks open, Screen shot 1,2 and 4, all have some pretty rough sightlines, that'll let snipers just dominate. Also, the floating stairs in 3 looks off.

    Interesting start detailing wise though!
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    Pic 1: Bland, boring and open-ish point.

    Pic 2: Fairly good, could use a higher sealing and some height differences to break up the room and make combat more interesting.

    Pic 3: K LOL WTF. Floating stair and also lighting strange as fuck.

    Pic 4: This the mid? Looks like a box with props, could be good though.

    Pic 5: Corridors, yay! roof too low, balcony too thick and not enough space underneath it.

    Pic 6: Corridors, yay! Roof might still be a bit low and the lighting is also strange.

    Overall: Good for a first map, could be decent gameplay wise if you keep working on it. It will probably never become a great map however; first maps rarely become that. Also, keep in mind that TF2 works best in outdoor environments.
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    This was literally the most horrible thing I have ever played.

    the cap timers go into the minutes range, and the win conditions were far from clear. The map lacked a sense of direction, and no one knew where to go to find cap areas.

    also, you blatantly stole the 2fort spawnroom, among other things from Valve maps.

    furthermore, the entire map is rendering at once, destroying the framerate of most players, myself included.

    that being said, it took the entire 30 minutes alloted for a map play for us to complete a single round when we played this tuesday on cafe.

    I really don't know what to tell you.

    it might be best to start from scratch.
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    I think when you are trying to cap the last point, you have four capture points open at the same time. I can't remember, I'm trying to forget.
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    The outer points lock when capping the final point, I think. But trying to hold on to the outer points, with really short cap times, and simultaneously capping mid, with a very long cap time, is practically impossible.

    To add to what Penguin said, it took a full 30 minutes, PLUS the admin repeatedly slaying the BLU team, to win a round.
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    I haven't played this map, but from reading the descriptions and looking at the screens I have to say a few things (about the comments as well).

    Firstly, howling techie you have to understand the difficulty of what you're asking a team to do in order to win. Not only must they hold three points simultaneously, which are all open to the other team (seems like you have 3 mids, essentially) and to capture the enemies home CP. This is too difficult a task to ask for one team.

    Secondly, I would revise the majority of your map (it's going to be hard since you've done a bit of detailing) to be much tighter, which is to say you need to scale down your open spaces. For example, I would suggest making the red room in the screenshot about half as big. You shouldn't have an open space (little to no brushwork inside of it, maybe model cover) bigger than 768x768, and that's really big. You also have a large metal bridge that looks to come about 128 units above the floor below it in your fifth screen. I suggest raising this bridge to be at least 160 units above the floor, 192 or 176 is also quite comfortable.

    Finally, I hate to call people out but penguin and Ost, you guys need to be more polite. Unless I'm missing something big like this guy's a troll or something, you should consider him someone who's probably not too comfortable in their mapping ability. Saying "what the fuck is this" or "this was literally the most horrible thing I have played" which insinuates things about Howling Techies ability, when this is the first map he's ever released for TF2, is a really good way to get him to give it up forever. I'm not trying to be condescending, so I'm sorry if I come off like that, but I want to point out that if that had been said to me I would have been pretty hurt, and that's not what we're here to do.
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    the admins had to slay the enemy team

    multiple times

    i'm sorry if i can't seem to find a polite way to put this