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    I'm considering making an arena map with the control point on a two-story bridge between the two bases. Now I thought it through and imagined that all the battles would happen on the upper story of the bridge, although I want the battles to be circular chases up and down the bridge, like most arena maps are designed, to be round.
    So, is there a way to change the gameplay flow to be circular as stated above? Or is there a way to change gameplay flow at all?
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    You don't want to abruptly change flow, especially in arena, when there is 1 chance to "get it right"

    Without re-writing an essay about it, you'll want to focus on layout flanks, incentive to use certain routes, and spawn exit placement (Which is quite important). Make the spawn exit face a direct you really want people to use, or what the best route is in your opinion. I wrote up a small essay about my design process for backlot, which I think will help you out.

    One thing to note from that, is that to remove focus of gameplay on the point, I removed the point completely until I felt it was time to drop in. Literally.