2koth prefab

2koth prefab

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Jul 24, 2016
2koth prefab - It's koth, but more complex

Download can be found in the second post in the discussion tab (because tf2maps doesn't allow the uploading of vmfs anywhere...)

What is 2koth?
2koth is a gamemode variant of koth where there are 2 points. In order for a teams timer to go down, the team needs to have both points captured. But (to stop potential stalemates), in order for a teams timer to stop going down, the other team must have both points under their control... pretty simple and straightforward, right?

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Jan 4, 2016
It's more like Standin, but with two control points, with a timer ticking down instead of an instant win on capping all the points. I think Standin would be way better with this sort of prefab instead of the confusion that is 3 cp at the same time.


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May 15, 2017
not at all... Hydro is TC, where there are a shit ton of points, but it's mostly just attack defense. There are always two points, and blue always has to capture both to win...

It's not attack/defense because both teams are attacking each other. But yeah, this has nothing to do with Hydro.


i don't think people think what i meant. what i meant with that it was a bit like hydro was that in hydro every stage has two points just like this 2koth prefab. and one team needs to have both points but i twist with this is that both teams have koth timers