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  1. Tango

    Help with hint optimization.

    If I create a hint brush (skip brush with a hint texture face like in 3kliksphilps video) does it make only the stuff inside the hint brush invisible or everything behind it until a wall? Just a bit confused
  2. Tango

    Need a idea

    Welp I am just kinda out of ideas I wanted to make a map with a boat as the main cp (koth_drydock) but I don't know what to do with the rest of the map... Suggestions or anything is helpful maybe it will spark something in my head.
  3. Tango

    koth_checkpoint a1

    A new map from the trashcan has appeared, maybe better than Iceberg but who knows! Mid has 2 towers a control point and a water route underneath, a catwalk is above the mid with ramps to access them from. Next is a little vent than can lead to the underground water route. A wall with three...
  4. Tango

    cp_oil_moutain _a1_renmed

    A King Of The Hill Map in development changed to 3cp. Produced by a dumpster. Anyways the map features a mid point with bridges a hallowed out cylinder with a vent system below. Death pit to one side and a big undecided building to the other. After that 4 entrances into a building with a high...