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  1. Mystic Monkey

    Broken vending machine

    For my map I'm trying to reskin a vending machine I got from GMod. Importing things from GMod, texture and all is usually no problem. But when I try to reskin it it's usually hit or miss whenever it'll work or not. I'm sure I've done everything right and properly addressed the .qc, .smd and...
  2. WhoWee!

    How to make textures?

    Okay, so over the past day I've tried asking all around the discord,but no one seems to have an answer... My question: How do you make textures for tf2 from the ground up? I know how to import pictures as textures, but I have no clue how to make something that fits in the art style or how to...
  3. Panckakebro

    So I want to step up my mapping skills...

    Current state of mind: I can make satisfactory maps in my opinion, but I feel like a guy who's trying to be more than what he is. Whenever I start a project or have an idea, converting that vison into something tangible is nearly impossible. I understand what I want, but I can't see it. After...
  4. juvenil3_

    texturing maps

    As uninformative as the title may be, I'm very very new to mapping, but so far I only have one question. I've just been sticking dev textures on everything to far for team identification, but after going through and playing what i have so far in-game, i found that the lines on some of the...
  5. seta_samuli

    Is it possible to edit texture paths for multiple brushes?

    Hi so I made a map and I need to change the path of textures on some of my brushes. Question is can I do that with anything similar to the "Replace..." function in edit tab?
  6. FishyUberMuffin

    Mapping Texture and Dressing Up The Map

    Is there any good tutorial to get me to be better at making my map look nice? I have the basic layout down, however, its just dev and wood texture so far with brick and Egypt. How do I make the map look nice? Do I have to get a degree in architecture? I am joking on the architecture degree...
  7. FishyUberMuffin


    Is it better to have the whole map dev textures while you work on your map or go fully texture first then keep texturing the map as you update and change the map?