texturing maps

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Aug 11, 2017
As uninformative as the title may be, I'm very very new to mapping, but so far I only have one question. I've just been sticking dev textures on everything to far for team identification, but after going through and playing what i have so far in-game, i found that the lines on some of the textures don't line up. Does this mean that im completely screwed when it comes to final textures, or what?

**Thank you all so much for replying, you've been extremely helpful :)
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[Rx.] Christian Troy

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Jan 23, 2017
Nope, that can be fixed easily. Select your entire map then click the texture tool. When the texture application tool comes up, you can change and line up all the textures from there (the numbers in the boxes). What I start with is 0.25 for both scale sizes and the 0 for both positions then hit apply. Then resize other textures later as needed. ;)
Mar 23, 2013
why should you be screwed when your map is still only dev textured?

Anyway turn texture lock :texlock: off. When it is enabled, when you a move a brush or copy it, the texture's position on the brush is locked, resulting in a different global position and you'd need to copy the texture shift at the texture tool to line it up.

Sometimes, often around corners, textures still don't line up perfectly. In this case you can select a face, hold ALT, right click a neighbored face and the texture will transition smoothly on the new face.


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Dec 16, 2014
Keep in mind that these DEV textures may appear unaligned even if all faces are at '0' on both X and Y, especially when comapring them on walls and ground/roof. Unless you're planning to make a DEV-textured map as the final version, you shouldn't worry about it.