So I want to step up my mapping skills...

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  1. Stop trying to be artistic and get a boring and stressful engineering job because I like machines.

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  2. Focus on art or whatever because i love videogames, but suffer the consequence of a lower paycheck.

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  1. A Bucket

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    I can make satisfactory maps in my opinion, but I feel like a guy who's trying to be more than what he is. Whenever I start a project or have an idea, converting that vison into something tangible is nearly impossible. I understand what I want, but I can't see it. After seeing the new maps in the inferno update, especially merc park, I want to get to that 'next level of mapping.' For instance, the first blue spawn of merc park has amazing 3D lightbeams and has super cool custom textures, which both match eachother and emphasize other assets such as the foliage.
    1. How do you make textures/ where do I start? Like when I look at a wall in my house, I can't imagine drawing it's appearance and looping it in some unknown program.
    2. Where should I start with model making? I want to get into the world of modeling props, but I don't have an extra thousand dollars (you get the point) a month to buy software that a university professor has to explain.
    3. How do you get yourself to think about How your non-existent assets/textures will interact with eachother and incorporate into the theme. How do you process all of this detail without having something to go off of?
    4. How in the hell do you get the early geometry to recognize detail. For [a simple] example, how did valve know that a train bridge was going to cut badlands mid in half and its train flatbeds were going to play a vital role in the layout?

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. FunkEdge

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    1. you can find tutorials on how to make decals and it's basically a very similar method. UEAKCrash has a tutorial here:

    Or you can get someone to do it for you ;)

    2. Blender 3D. it's free, safe, highly recommend and all the tutorials can be seen online for free! it's also popluar on here fof both static and animated props!

    3. Sorry, I don't understand the question fully so i can't help ):

    4. To use your example: Valve designed the bridge as that's the idea they had for the map. From the early versions of Badlands they probably knew they wanted a bridge there and thought as a 5cp map, it would be a good place to put the mid point. They didn't know it that the flatbeds would be vital, they just knew what they wanted and because it is the mid of the map, it would be the most contested part of the fight.

    I hope this helps a bit