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  1. HameLeonB

    screenshot meme 2022-07-23

    Surrounded by everyone you can
  2. NiallBTboy

    Where can I find these amazing models in this screenshot?

    This is the screenshot in discussion. I am using this image for a scenic influence on a new map I am hoping to have published towards the end of this month- However, I cannot find out how they have achieved these amazing orange/red trees. I have attempted to find custom models online; to no...
  3. Cynder loves Portal

    screen Question

    How would you do fuzzy screens on a wall like this in hammer? If anyone is wondering, the screenshot is from : View:
  4. LadyRaee

    Screenshot config files! v1

    Hello everyone! I've had those cfg files for a while now and seeing (mostly newbie mappers) taking screenshots without viewmodels and HUD I decided to share them! Download contains 3 files: ssa.cfg – screenshot activate – turns screen elements off to take screenshots ssq.cfg – screenshot quit...
  5. Billo

    map screenshots when you join that map

    i want to know how am i going to add 2 screenshots to my map when you join-launch that map just like when you join a valve or community (accepted map in the game).
  6. EatYourSheep

    72hr Movie Night 2017-02-12

    "Movie Night" By: EatYourSheep After fighting for hours on end, our favorite characters kick it and have a movie night. Made with Garry's Mod, edited with Gimp. Movie frame from Valve's "Expiration Date" short film I do not own the rights to "Expiration Date", this...
  7. MrHatlf

    Toggle bind for taking screenshots.

    I made this bind because typing in all these commands are hard. //disable hud bind ins hudtoggle alias hudtoggle "hudoff" alias hudoff "alias hudtoggle hudon; cl_showfps 0; cl_showpos 0; r_drawviewmodel 0; cl_drawhud 0" alias hudon "alias hudtoggle hudoff; cl_showfps 1; cl_showpos 1...
  8. Billo

    screenshot problem

    well i have a new map that i want to add to the game but i do everything what crash says about it but the screenshots look like this. what can i do? thats the video i followed: View:
  9. Viggar

    72hr Heavy's Sardines

    My 1st and probably only entry for the 72 hour summer jam
  10. obodobear

    Map Screenshots

    I need to take some screenshots of a map thats actually for an art project, but I need to know how you make the hud invisible, is there a console command for it?