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Screenshot config files! v1

Set of small *.cfg files to take screenshots better!

Hello everyone!
I've had those cfg files for a while now and seeing (mostly newbie mappers) taking screenshots without viewmodels and HUD I decided to share them!​

Download contains 3 files:
  • ssa.cfg – screenshot activate – turns screen elements off to take screenshots
  • ssq.cfg – screenshot quit – turns weapon viewmodels and HUD back on
  • ssp.cfg – quick screenshot – it's a config file to be bound to a key, that when pressed disables screen elements, takes quick screenshot, then turns them back on!
To use these you need to paste *.cfg files into:
%steamroot%\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\cfg
Then, ensure the developer console is turned on:
Options > Keyboard > Advanced > Enable Developer Console
Executing these *.cfgs requires command in dev console:
exec [name]
Last but not least, to bind quick screenshot you need to issue following into the console:
bind [key] "exec ssp"


Screenshot commands won't work on a server, only in singleplayer
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Don't use this. Look at the discussion page for a simpler solution with no download.

I'm suprised this post isn't deleted as it was made for beginner mappers, yet it's an overcomplicated solution. Especially beginner mappers should have an simpler and easier method to make a screenshot bind instead of getting confused with unecessary steps.