Toggle bind for taking screenshots.

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    I made this bind because typing in all these commands are hard.

    //disable hud
    bind ins hudtoggle
    alias hudtoggle "hudoff"
    alias hudoff "alias hudtoggle hudon; cl_showfps 0; cl_showpos 0; r_drawviewmodel 0; cl_drawhud 0"
    alias hudon "alias hudtoggle hudoff; cl_showfps 1; cl_showpos 1; r_drawviewmodel 1; cl_drawhud 1"
    //remove cl_showfps and cl_showpos if you do not use those.
    //cl_drawhud is sv_cheats only.
    //hit "Insert" on your keyboard to toggle your hud.
    Just throw those lines of text into your autoexec file and you are good to go. Make sure to read the comments at the end of the script for your personal needs.

    Hit "Insert" to toggle your entire hud, and make sure sv_cheats is set to 1 to disable your hud!
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    Thank you, your right. It is pretty annoying.