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  1. FishyUberMuffin

    Stand-A-Lone Prop library A1

    This is the Prop Library from Boojum Snark's Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack, This is for people who use other Mapping Resource Pack like Puddy's Small Mapping Resource Pack.
  2. TF2CutContent

    [Resource] Badlands cut props

    -snip, quitting-
  3. Meebas

    Should I use displacements sparingly??

    I'm making a Versus Saxton Hale (VSH) map for a server. My inspiration was a sort of cloth-y, laundry-room type setting with patchwork and ventilation. I've been using displacements for most of the terrain and I'm afraid that it's too good to be true; aren't displacements heavy on some...
  4. Quin

    TF2 Mapping part pack A1

    Hello Everyone, i Created this small pack based on an idea i had last week. Alot of people that want to get into mapping to the same issues - They either don't know what or how to do something, so they sometimes just give up. Sure, there are alot tutorials out there, but i know that some people...